What is The ‘So What? Test’? – And how to use it.

So What? is probably your most important question.

When you put your talk or presentation together, how do you decide what to include and what to leave out? Our recommendation: Use the “So What?” test.

The SO WHAT TEST should be an essential part of preparing all presentations.

What is the So What Test? 

Imagine yourself sitting in the audience. For every statement you make in your presentation, ask ‘So What?’

  • What does this really mean?

  • Why is this included in the presentation?

  • Is it needed?

If you don’t have a compelling answer, then leave it out. Don’t be afraid of having too short a talk. Most audiences would prefer a shorter rather than a longer presentation.

Or perhaps you need to add a few words to explain what your statement means. If what you say clearly answers the So What Test, it will be much more interesting for your audience.

You will find the So What Test to be invaluable for all your presentations.

Another essential question you should ask when planning a talk

As well as asking ‘So What?’ for everything you say, also imagine someone in the audience asking ‘What’s In It For Me?” – of WIIFM. You job in putting other a presentation is to help your audience always have a good answer to that question.  As a presenter it’s your job to connect the dots to explain what you say means for your listener.

The power of these questions

The So What test and the WIIFM test are some of the most powerful tools we use in all our presentation coaching.  We have helped CEO’s completely transform their business presentations  using this one simple question. If you want help to transform your presentations, get in touch.  We’ll do much more than ask you this questions.

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