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The London-based BBA team specialise in corporate and executive media training across TV, Radio & Press

Whether you are a FTSE100, dynamic CEO or global executive – you can build media skills to last a life time. Develop confidence to handle any media interview. Here at BBA we deliver tangible results, fast.

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Who we’ve helped with media interview coaching

Specialists in business media training

1-1 coaching, media training & support

Group based media training

TV, radio & press media training

Techniques for handling tough media questions

Media interview techniques

Media crisis handling

How we help you shine in media interviews

Shaping media communications

Better Messaging

We help you refine your messaging so that you get maximum impact from your interview.

Handling Media Questions

Our experts will coach you to handle the toughest media questions. Interview tips to prepare you for anything.

Media Crisis Handling

Managing media interviews is crucial to long term success. We prepare and equip spokespeople and organisations for all kinds of media scrutiny.

Business media training

Executive Media Training

Completely personalised group or 1-2-1 media training courses delivered by experienced press, TV & radio journalists – all media communication professionals. Proven media training techniques for CEOs, executives, spokespeople and comms teams.

Look and Sound Professional

Whether it’s face-to-face, on radio or TV, you can improve what you say, how you say and how you look when you deliver it.

Be Prepared & Rehearsed

A strong media interview only happens when you are fully prepared. We get you ready for media interviews with role play on camera. Benefit from world-class corporate media training.

Shaping media communications

When you need executive media training advice

A media interview may feel challenging. But by preparing properly, you can shine in media interviews. Nobody is a natural interviewee. The great media interviews only happen when the subject is properly prepared.

  • Our team supports senior executives & management teams globally with their corporate media training. Many firms rely on us to prepare their executives and senior management.
  • We specialise in corporate media training. Our expert coaches can help you rehearse and prepare for the toughest press, TV or radio interview.
  • Each of our team comes with 20+ years business experience. That is why so many senior executives call us to prepare for important media interviews.
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When you need media interview support fast

When your media interview is key, the right media training is essential. Get properly prepared and don’t leave anything to chance. Learn the tricks of the trade and how to handle the toughest questions.

  • We can work directly with you on your real-world media interviews. Rehearsals, role-plays and media interview practise will make sure you are ready for the unexpected.
  • Reputation for delivering award-winning results at the highest level. Call us to prepare you for your next media interview.
  • Our clients rely on us for their most important communications. As well as media interview training, they bring us in to support investor communications, fundraisings, pitch winning and engaging public speaking coaching.

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“We enjoy working with Benjamin Ball Associates to support our clients with coaching… We have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Amber Fennell

When you need flexible and efficient media training

Because every press or TV interview is different, our tailored coaching gives you exactly the support you need. With intensive media training you will be prepared for your important media interviews.

  • You get fast, long-lasting results. Call us now to discuss how we can help you.
  • We work where and when you need, tailoring our media training to your situation.
  • One-on one training, group media training courses, or online video coaching. We support you as you need.

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Media Coaching FAQs

Be prepared to field questions, handle media interviews, and provide appropriate responses when speaking to the press. Whether dealing day to day or during times of crisis, preparing for the media is essential for your business. That’s the value of corporate media training.

At Benjamin Ball Associates, our London based Media Training and Media Crisis Management programs are delivered by industry experts who understand how to communicate with media and handle tough interviews. We help you to learn and develop essential skills to handle tricky situations across different media, including TV, radio, or press.

We provide entirely personalised training for groups or one-to-one sessions to transform the way you relay your company message and help you to derive maximum impact from all media communications and interactions.

Our team members have over twenty years’ experience and we have helped management teams globally improve their media communications. From CEO media interviews downwards, we help you speak with confidence when under intense scrutiny. Using proven methods and tactics, we help you to understand what to expect when disaster strikes, and how to communicate with clarity and authority. It’s essential media interview preparation.
The way that your organisation is presented in the media will shape perception. Expert media training will help improve your image. When you understand how the media and journalists work, you will be able to better manage media interviews. That means you can get the reporting you want in the press.

Our experts will show you how to keep your communications accurate and consistent. You will keep control in media interviews. Your leaders and teams will understand what should and should not be said – and how to get the coverage you want. When you respond clearly and concisely in interviews you will keep your customers, your shareholders and your investors happy.

Whether responding to press criticisms or handling negative comments on social media channels, positive responses can help build better relationships with business associates and the public. Crisis management training will help teams pull together and devise effective solutions to potential problems before they happen.
Depending on what is needed for your organisation you have a number of media training options. All our media training is bespoke. We provide expert advice and coaching to help you prepare for media interviews. Training methods are practical and proven.

Our team has been supporting global organisations for more than 15 years and our experts have the industry knowledge to help you improve your media interviews. We will help you to develop media skills to last a lifetime, and get you the results you need, fast.

While our media trainers are based in London, we can help you anywhere. Your media training will be completely customised whether in a group setting or one-to-one. In addition, you will have the benefit of ebooks, videos, articles and handy reference guides. Once you have completed the training and learned the skills needed, they can be used to help prepare you for any future media interview.
Occasionally there may be situations where you or your company is on the receiving end of negative press. For situations that need careful handling, crisis media handling skills can be effective in diffusing problematic situations. However, many companies are woefully unprepared for this level of media management until it’s too late.

Crisis media training can help key employees be ready for a number of high-pressure scenarios. From ambush attacks from the press to handling interviews under stress, being armed with the correct training means that you can always be fully prepared for any unexpected situations.

Interviewers and media representatives employ many different questioning styles from aggressive to flattering. Our experts can help you prepare for toxic situations or uncomfortable media engagements by building skills and resilience. Learning how to handle difficult questions, managing responses, and controlling the conversation are just some of the crisis management skills we teach.

Practice sessions across a full range of scenarios help with media interview preparation and will help you to stay calm when under extreme pressure. Learn how to handle the toughest situations with challenging role-plays, and discover how to field questions with tact and diplomacy while bridging the conversation back to a positive message.

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