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By working with a business public speaking coach, you can transform the impact you make. 
Build your skills and your confidence. 

For nearly 15 years our coaches have helped even the most uncertain presenters become clear confident communicators. Speak to one of our business public speaking coaches today.  


Find the right words, build your skills and refine your performance. You'll look great and feel great. All via Zoom/Teams.
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Public speaking coaching


You'll see the difference within minutes.  Improve fast and start applying the same day.
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Polish an upcoming talk and build your skills at the same time. Work with an expert to be much more confident.

@BenjaminBallA  I honestly thought it was one of the most valuable 3 hours I've spent with anyone in a long time.

Mick May, OBE.
CEO, Blue Sky
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client for public speaking training london

@BenjaminBallA Transformed the both the quality of my content and the effectiveness of my delivery. I highly recommend BBA.

Martin Legault
General Manager, National Bank of Canada

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Call: 020 7018 0922

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Public Speaking Coaching - Tailored for You

You get exactly what you need.  For example, this may include:

✔ How to prepare

✔ How to start with impact

✔ How to engage 

✔ How to control nerves

✔ How to look confident

✔ How to use powerful language

✔ How to be more persuasive

✔ How to use your hands and body

✔ How to give your voice more impact

✔ How to rehearse and prepare 

✔ How to end

✔ How to answer tough questions

Work with the team that won the Business Excellence Awards  
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✔ How to start with impact

✔ How to engage

✔ How to look confident

✔ How to be persuasive

✔ How to use your hands & body

✔ How to give your voice more impact

✔ How to rehearse and prepare 

✔ How to end

✔ How to answer tough questions

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What makes us special

The team at BBA has been training CEOs and senior executives for over 15 years. And everyone here has worked in senior business roles, so has plenty of practical advice to share. 

Communicate better with staff, customers and shareholders. Your coaches are specialists in business and financial communications. 

How it all works

Currently, all our 1:1 and small group coaching is online

Your coaching is tailored so you get exactly the support you need. That means plenty of role play and detailed advice on what to do. 

We help you improve how you plan your talks, how you start, how you develop your talk and how you finish. And how to look great online. 

Try out powerful tools. After working with your coach, you’ll feel more confident and be a much more effective speaker.  

Short, sharp, practical sessions.  No teaching by PowerPoint here.  Instead you show us how you present now, you get instant advice and you apply it directly.  

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NB:  Zoom-based coaching costs just £395 per hour + VAT

Over 12+ years the award-winning BBA team has coached thousands of executives globally to present powerfully. Our robust toolbox of techniques will help you become a clear, confident communicator.

We’ll help you create a powerful first impression that hooks and engages your audience immediately and we’ll coach you to create and deliver deliver clearly, confidently and with impact.

Probably the best online coaching team

Award-winning team