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Polish Your Presentations

Our experts will tidy your presentations and keep them simple. Make it easy for investors to understand what’s special about you.

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Investor Presentation Coaching

We’ll coach your team so they are at the top of their game. Deliver a pitch perfect presentation to your investors.

Handling Investor Questions Confidently

We’ll help you answer investor questions and give you the confidence you need. Learn expert question answering techniques and get proper rehearsals.

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When you need expert investor relations support

Because we know what you say to investors is just as important as how you say it. Expert support to get across the equity story you want to communicate.

  • Our team has been coaching senior executives for investor communications for over 15 years. We’ve supported hundreds of AGMs, results announcements and capital market days.
  • We specialise in improving how you speak to investors.
  • Each of our team comes with 20+ years business experience. This means we add real value to investor relations.
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Best for Financial Presentation Training

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Best for Investor Presentation Coaching

What’s behind a compelling investor presentation?

When your investor presentation is important, you need expert support. We work closely with your financial PR and IR advisors. What’s behind a compelling investor presentation is:

  • A compelling equity story that clearly defines what makes you special.
  • A powerful pitch document that makes it easy for investors to understand you
  • A well-prepared management team that can present your story and answer tough investor questions.


“We have worked with BBA for 15 years throughout the Nordics. Together with us, they help bring out the best in our clients. Great coaching makes a real difference when preparing for a capital markets day or results presentation”.

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Why use Benjamin Ball Associates?

We are known for fast outcomes and amazing results.

  • Our investor presentation coaching will give you confidence that you are fully prepared to face your shareholders and analysts.
  • We work where and when you need. Typically we’ll come to you.
  • You can get investor communication support in-person or remotely via online video coaching.

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We’ve been polishing investor presentations for over 15 years. What drives us is adding value at all stages.

Our support is fast, efficient, and cost effective. Our team have all worked in and around the City in corporate finance, financial PR and as fund managers.

We are particularly good at writing, editing and polishing investor presentations and improving presentations to financial audiences.
Every business is different. Every investor event is different. We will work with you to add value.

Sometimes, you need just a few hours to coach one person, in other cases we support you over a few weeks to refine your investor story, polish your investor presentations and then coach individuals to build confidence. Finally, we sometimes rehearse the investor event, so that everyone looks and feels professional.

We’ll help you polish your presentations, whether presenting to public or private markets.
All our investor presentation coaching is bespoke to help you create and deliver compelling investor presentations.

Recently, we have helped a newly appointed CEO (previously a CFO) look and sound impressive. We’ve helped a CEO that analysts had doubted look and sound like the leader they wanted to see. We help refine and polish entire management teams for capital market days and annual investor events. Call us today to discuss how we can help you.

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“I have attended several presentation skills trainings … this was the best by quite some way.” Bureau van Dijk

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