Case Study – Helping the CEO of a Property Firm with Leadership Communications

It’s true, you can rise to the top of a FTSE company without ever making a presentation. Our client, lets call him James, was appointed CEO of this FTSE 250 company. He had got by without ever having made a formal presentation.  Now he needed high quality leadership communications.

But he had a problem. Or, as he said to us:

“I now have three problems: staff, shareholders and analysts – all of whom expect me to present.”

For James, we had to start at the beginning: Build his confidence; help him overcome some long held prejudices; and equip him with tools so that he could go out and present with ease. We did this through a series of short workshops that fitted in with his busy timetable.

By concentrating on one upcoming event – the Christmas party, where he had to stand up in front of all his staff – we showed him how to do it. Step one for the Christmas festivities was to tear up his 50 page PowerPoint presentation. We equipped James with some easy-to-use structures for his talks.

He learned a time efficient system to prepare for presentations so that he was completely comfortable with his new-found skills. The result was a confident performance, and staff who were immediately impressed by their new CEO.


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