Successful Investor Pitch via Zoom – Case Study

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Photo by Cat Bassano on Unsplash

We recently helped Amelia Morgan of Venture Trust prepare a killer fund-raising pitch via Zoom.


Not only did she transform her pitch, she got much more out of the session than she expected.


“Ben worked with me on a major pitch to investors via Zoom

“as a CEO of a charity seeking support from a range of organisations – landing on an informative pitch and call to action is a vital part of the role.

“I wanted to feel more at ease and confident. Working with Ben was hugely significant in terms of helping me order my thinking, approach and landing on core messages. We managed to showcase the pithy messages which brought the work of Venture Trust and the people we support to the fore.

“All the more pleasing, was that we secured not one but two investments in the space of 10 days!

“Ben has a lovely style, his skill in guiding, teasing out the important elements and building confidence was just what I needed. Thanks Ben.”


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