A Major Public Speaking Coaching Programme for Leaders at the UK’s Financial Regulator

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Through internal and external feedback, the Regulator identified that the quality and experience of speakers within the organisation varied greatly. There were risks of doing nothing. These risks included inconsistent messaging, image risk and missed opportunities. The regulator commissioned Benjamin Ball Associates to transform their speakers’ competence and consistency.


We delivered a bespoke programme of face-to-face training for 120+ front office speakers at their Canary Wharf offices.

Participants worked in groups of up to four people – improving upcoming or recent internal and external talks/pitches/presentations. We structured the training according to the needs of the organisation. And we tailored the delivery to the skill level and areas for improvement of each participant. We filmed the practical portions of the training, and participants took away a USB of their footage.


Post-session feedback was excellent, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 from participants.

Internal and external feedback was also incredibly positive. And we have continued to train new employees who join the Senior Leadership Team and Core Speaker Group.

The regulator has since extended the programme into 2019 to include speech writing coaching. The regulator has widened the programme to a broader group both upwards (Executive Committee) and downwards.


One typical testimonial:

“On Friday I delivered a speech, I just wanted to let you know how it went:

First, I felt very comfortable delivering the speech.  I had spent time with the team discussing what I wanted to say and how I was going to say it.  This preparation really paid off.

Second, I could feel that the audience was listening to me.

Third, two people (separately) came up to me over coffee and congratulated me on an excellent speech, that I was clear in what I was saying, I told the audience what I was going to cover and I did.  Comparisons were made to XXX who followed me where they felt had just rambled on, with no structure etc.

Fourth, another trade body approached one of my team and said that my speech was excellent and could I go and deliver this at their conference.”

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