Helping the CEO of a PR Agency Present Confidently

The Problem: A nervous CEO

When the CEO of a successful City PR firm confided that she would rather run naked down the street than stand up in front of an audience, we knew we had our work cut out. She was booked on a UK trade mission to give a speech in Israel in 3 weeks and was about to cancel her flight.

BBA Solution: Intensive coaching and a much better story

We started by working out what she wanted to say.

The mental barriers she had erected made this a challenge. By making the process like the pitching that she was so successful at, we helped her build a great story with engaging anecdotes and a structure that got her messages across. We were even able to get her in front of a camera to rehearse, so we could build her confidence.

But would we ever persuade her to have more than two or three people in the room listening to her?

The Result: A new-found confident and authority

We knew we had won when, on the third day, she said: “right, I’m getting my staff in here right now to hear me”.

This was he first time she had ever done that – and was the beginning of a long and successful series of talks and speeches.

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