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Case Study – Helping this important charity transform how they pitch to their most important clients

Their Challenge: Win bigger and better business

David Cameron describes Blue Sky as “the only company in the country where you need a criminal record to work there.” Started by an ex banker and an ex-bank robber, Blue Sky employs former convicts to get them back into society and leave their pasts behind them. They do this by winning maintenance contracts from local councils and by partnering with large outsourcing firms.

The former banker now CEO of Blue Sky, Mick May, asked us to help him improve how they pitch to potential customers. They wanted to close bigger and deals with major outsourcing firms and local councils

Our Solution: A stronger story and clear benefits for clients

While the CEO is charismatic and has a wonderful style, the story they told focused on the wrong things, we thought. To make a compelling pitch we completely re-crafted their presentation, and how they described themselves. We identified the important parts of their story and simplified their proposition to make it easier for their clients to understand the benefits of working with Blue Sky.

The result was a tight, compelling story that clearly showed potential customers the huge value of Blue Sky.

The Result: More business wins with large clients and great results for the charity

In the weeks after working together, Mick May has pitched to some of his largest potential customers and Blue Sky is on track to closing some of the most promising deals they have ever done.

Mick May, CEO of Blue Sky said “I honestly thought it was the most valuable 3 hours I’ve spent with anyone in a long time. I learned so much. I was blown away by what we achieved in the small time we spent together. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your time and wisdom.”

We have now worked with key members of the Blue Sky team to build their pitching skills. The charity is going from strength to strength helping more people coming out of prison into long term employment.

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