Hedge Fund Investor Presentation for Saemor Capital

Case Study – Preparing this Dutch hedge fund for meetings with global institutional investors

Their Challenge: upcoming meetings with institutional investors

Saemor’s €500m+ Europe Alpha Fund runs an equity market neutral strategy employing a quantitative stock selection process. With Aegon as a cornerstone investor, Saemor approached us after 4 years of outstanding performance for help as they started the process of marketing to blue chip institutional investors.

Their head of IR, Erwin de Klein, asked us to advise them how to polish their hedge fund investor presentation and to prepare members of the team for meetings with important US institutional investors.

BBA Solution: reworked investment story and polished team

We started by making the team clarify what it is that makes Saemor’s investment strategy unique. Then, re-working the investment story, it became easier for them to explain how they achieve their superior returns and why they expect this great performance to continue.

We took this story and incorporated it into Saemor’s pitch documents, making them world-class. Finally we helped polish how the management team told their story during investor meetings. They adopted our ‘Presentation on a PageTM’ approach, transforming how they engaged with potential investors in meetings.

The Result: meetings, investment & awards

A week after we finished working with them, Saemor flew to the US for a Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage Capital Introductions event in Greenwich Connecticut.

Lined up to see some of the most important American institutional investors, they were praised for the quality and clarity of their investor materials. They secured meetings with all the investors they wanted to meet.

“It was like a breath of fresh air.” said Sven Bouman, Saemor’s CEO and CIO. “BBA’s approach helped us create a compelling presentation. Most importantly, BBA gave us the confidence to tell our story in a powerful and natural way.”

Erwin de Klein added, “The new presentation properly represents the professional institutional quality of our fund. It has been a step change for us. It is now much easier to explain what we do and why you might want to invest in our fund.”

Now, Saemor have additionally won a series of Hedge Fund awards.

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