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Augentius – Helping Win A Major Financial Services Pitch

augentius logoAugentius is one of the largest Private Equity and Real Estate fund administration businesses in the world. It has solid track record of success of working together with leading fund management groups.

Their Pitching Challenge

Following corporate activity in one of their large clients, that fund group decided to put all their fund administration out to tender.

Augentius  wanted to maintain and develop their relationship with the new entity.

That means they needed to differentiate their business from competitors and help their client really understand what makes Augentius special.

How BBA helped their pitch

(1) BBA reviewed all the material prepared by Augentius for the financial services pitch.

(2) We simplified and refined their messaging

(3) We re-structured their presentations. The plan was to make them more client-centric and make it easier for the client to understand the great value provided by Augentius.

(4) We then coached with the global pitch team to turn that messaging into a compelling presentation in support of the whole pitch process in New York and London.


A positive outcome

After a lengthy series of competitive pitches, Augentius secured its existing business as well as increasing its business further.

Most importantly Augentius reinforced its relationship with the client across multiple operational hubs. They built a solid foundation for future growth.

“The support from BBA was practical, insightful and invaluable.

“In a short time they helped re-shape our pitch, ensuring that it was much easier to identify the value we bring” said J.P. Harrop, Co-Founder and Group Head of Sales at Augentius.

It’s been a real delight working with the BBA team“.

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