How to Create a Great Investor Presentation

How do you create your investor pitches now? To create a great investor presentation, you need to prepare properly.

Use a step-by-step approach to get the pitch ready and the team ready.

This will make your life easier and will make it more likely that you get the results you want. Below we have summarised a simple, practical approach you can use to prepare a powerful investor pitch. If you use this tried and tested process you will also save time.

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1. Do not even think of opening PowerPoint yet

2. Summarise your investment story in one line

A good elevator pitch shows that you understand what is important in your business and that you are good at getting to the heart of the matter

3. Explain the problem you are solving

Every business solves a problem. Starbucks, Amazon, Google, Warren Buffett – all started with a problem in mind

4. Explain why people are buying from you

So many people forget the most important part of a good pitch is a real understanding of your customers

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5. Explain how you make money

How does the money flow through the business where does it come in and where does it go out.

What makes sure there is more coming in, and what will slow it down

6. Demonstrate what you have achieved so far

Ideas are all very well, but what counts is how you will make it work.

Success to date is a good way to test the quality of management

7. Describe the competition and how you are different

A healthy respect for the competition, and an understanding of both direct competitors and substitutes shows that you have your feet on the ground

8. Show you understand what is difficult

Describe the risks, and what you are doing to address them

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9. Illustrate what your priorities are

Describe what you are doing now

10. Highlight how the money raised will be used

And give us an idea for the sort of return it will give to investors

11. Give a clear realistic vision

Paint a picture of where the business will be in the future

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How to create a standout investor pitch

Top tips for creating a stand out investor pitch


How to Start Your Investor Pitch

Can your investor presentations have more impact with a stronger start? Your investor will be making an unconscious decision to invest in you within seconds.

When you are presenting to investors you want to make a positive first impression.  If you start well, you are more likely to have a successful meeting.

Here are five powerful ideas to start your next investor presentation with impact:

Investor Presentation Tip #1: Show something 

Too many investor presentations are more about the theory than the practice.  

If you have a product, a video or a sample, use that to start the conversation.

For example, we helped a gold mining company we worked with present to city analysts by showing a gold nugget and then describing how it was mined.

Start Investor Presentation Tip #2: Make a bold statement

Grab attention at the start with a big idea. 

For example: The secret to good communications is to listen.  One mouth, two ears:  use them in that ratio.

Great Investor Presentation Tip #3: Reveal something new and interesting 

Help your audience see the world in a new way.    

For example, did you know that Warren Buffett used to be scared of public speaking?

He was coached to overcome that fear because he knew how important public speaking was for his career.

Start Presentation Tip #4: Refer to the last meeting/the past

That means you have listened and you show that you care what they think.

Great Investor Pitch Tip #5: Ask a question

One of my favourite starts to an investor meeting.

For example, imagine asking:  So what was it about our teaser that made you want to meet us?

If you listen to this answer and explore what they say, you will be much clearer about how to pitch your investment to that investor.

When we work with our clients preparing them for investor meetings or IPO presentations, we probably spend more time polishing the start of the meeting than any other part.  When your start works, you will find the rest of the meeting much easier.

Help Me Have A Strong Start To My Investor Presentation

For every business, for every funding situation, your investor presentation will be different. If these guidelines are not enough for you – or if your situation requires something special – then please get in touch.  

We’ve helped countless businesses create great investor stories, great fund raising presentations and great roadshow preparations.

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