How to Create a Great Investor Presentation

How do you create investor presentations now?

With an investor presentation, the right preparation is critical.

Use a step-by-step approach to get the pitch ready and the team ready.

This will make your life easier and will make it more likely that you get the results you want.

In this one page we have summarised a simple, practical approach you can use to prepare a great investor presentation.

This process will also save you time.

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1. Do not even think of opening PowerPoint yet

2. Summarise your investment story in one line

A good elevator pitch shows that you understand what is important in your business and that you are good at getting to the heart of the matter

3. Explain the problem you are solving

Every business solves a problem. Starbucks, Amazon, Google, Warren Buffett – all started with a problem in mind

4. Explain why people are buying from you

So many people forget the most important part of a good pitch is a real understanding of your customers

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5. Explain how you make money

How does the money flow through the business where does it come in and where does it go out.

What makes sure there is more coming in, and what will slow it down

6. Demonstrate what you have achieved so far

Ideas are all very well, but what counts is how you will make it work.

Success to date is a good way to test the quality of management

7. Describe the competition and how you are different

A healthy respect for the competition, and an understanding of both direct competitors and substitutes shows that you have your feet on the ground

8. Show you understand what is difficult

Describe the risks, and what you are doing to address them

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9. Illustrate what your priorities are

Describe what you are doing now

10. Highlight how the money raised will be used

And give us an idea for the sort of return it will give to investors

11. Give a clear realistic vision

Pain a picture of where the business will be in the future

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This is one approach you can use.  For every business, for every funding situation, the approach will be different.

If these guidelines are not enough for you – or if your situation requires something special, then do not hesitate to get in touch.  

We’ve helped countless businesses create great investor stories, great fund raising presentations and great roadshow preparations.

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