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“It’s not just what you say that counts, it’s also how you say it.
The success of your argument critically depends on your
manner of presenting it.”

Alain de Botton

In day to day business, we need persuasive presentations. Persuasive business presentations take more than just a few well-chosen words.

You may want approval for a new project; you may want clients to buy from you; or you may want investors back your new business. All of these require persuasive business presentations.  He need to learn how to give more persuasive presentations.

While each situation is different, you can use tried and tested persuasion techniques in all of them.

These techniques are from the BBA Persuasion Presentation Toolkit that we share with clients who want to be more persuasive:

Your Persuasive Presentation Toolkit

  1. Do plenty of research about those you want to persuade

  2. Ask questions

  3. Acknowledge their doubts

  4. A persuasive presentation solves problems

  5. Regularly check their position

  6. Use the five pillars of persuasion

1. Do plenty of research

The more you know about those you are persuading the better. Even when meeting strangers, you can research them online, to learn about their business and their industry. That way you better understand them. You may also find a connection to the person you are meeting – a key part of being persuasive.

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2. Ask questions

The more questions you ask (and the better those questions) the more you will know about those you are trying to persuade. And of course along with asking good questions, you need to listen carefully.

  • What are they saying?
  • What are they not saying?
  • What words are they using?

You will learn from their answers how to pitch yourself.

3. Acknowledge their doubts

When you understand them and where they are coming from, you will have a better idea of what may prevent them from agreeing with your idea. A powerful persuasive technique is to talk about their doubts, agree with them, and then show how these doubts are not the main issue in making a decision.

4. Solve their problems

Everyone has problems. To be very persuasive you need to find their problems. And these may not be obvious ones. They could be problems of recognition, of status, of uncertainty. When you understand their issues (because you have asked the right questions, and listened to them carefully) you will have a much better idea of how to solve them.

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5. Regularly check their position

The worst pitch is when you do all the speaking. Show how well you are listening by regularly checking back to show you understand what the other person is saying. Repeat back what they said, and test your understanding of their concerns. And then ask more questions. That will help push you forward.

6. Use the Five Pillars of Persuasion

  • Persuasion isn’t about emotive language and pleading looks.
  • Persuasion is not at about better PowerPoint
  • Persuasion is not about how you stand or how you hold your hands

To be more persuasive in business presentations, you want to apply these five essential tools:

1. Persuasive business presentations: Know your audience

Do you know what really matters to your audience?

When you do, create messages that speak from their point of view.

2. Persuasive presentation tip: Offer a simple message

Keep your ideas clear and to the point.

The simpler your message, the better. (Usually, this is not easy)

3. Persuasive presentation tip: Tell them a story

“facts get forgotten, stories get repeated” Use stories.

4. Persuasive business presentation tip: Be enthusiastic

Your performance is as important as your words. Energy and passion get results

5. Persuasive presentation tip: Act as one

Make every part of your communication work:

  • Personal interaction
  • Visual aids
  • Handouts

They should all work together

As you can see, while your words and messages are important, how you look, how you talk and how you gel with your audience are just as crucial.

Creating really persuasive business presentations is both an art and a science.  Whether you are presenting online or in person, these techniques work. We’d love to help you be even more successful than you are now.

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