Five Tips for a Killer Elevator Pitch

“I have only made this letter longer
because I have not had the time to make it shorter.”
Blaise Pascal 1657

If you need to give a short pitch – an elevator pitch – for your business or for your fund you know how tough it is.

For example, if you are a fund manager pitching to a room full of investors – managing nearly $1 trillion – you will be desperately keen to make the right impression.

Having chaired an elevator pitch session at Fund Forum in Boston a few years ago, I saw the power of preparing a powerful pitch. At this event, participants were given just five minutes to tell their story. Some people shone out – others didn’t.

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We’ve put together for you here five critical lessons so that you can shine with your next elevator pitch. These tips will help you create winning pitches:

Five big tips for a killer elevator pitch

  1. Keep your story simple

  2. Use big bold ideas

  3. Aim to be memorable

  4. Short sentences, clear language

  5. Start and end with impact

1. Keep your elevator pitch story simple

In 5 minutes you will only speak around 5-700 words.  You cannot afford to waste time. What you must not do is pack in information.  This is a common mistake. A great elevator pitch is simple, streamlined and easy to understand. For example, if you say just one thing, and that thing is what your audience wants to hear, you have done a great job. Say less.  Edit ruthlessly.

elevator pitch big bold umbrellas

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2. Use big bold ideas in your elevator pitch 

You are fighting for attention. The bigger your ideas, the easier it is to connect with your audience and the easier it is to stand out. You will find that one big idea is much more powerful than five ordinary ideas.  The more you pack into your elevator pitch the more your best ideas get diluted. That means when you find your great idea that will underpin you pitch, spend time reinforcing it, illustrating and making an impact with it.


3. Aim to be memorable

Anyone can talk for 5 minutes. But few people can make an impact. Work out what you can say that will stick. For example, find something unusual, different or unique.  The brain loves novelty, and that is what will get remembered.

4. Short sentences, clear language


(1) short phrases

(2) simple words, and

(3) plenty of pauses.

end with impact

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5. Start and End with impact 

The beginning and end of your talk matter most. Start with a bang and finish with a strong take-away line. Your start sets expectations and your last line sticks in the mind. When we coach people to help create compelling elevator pitches, a huge proportion of the time is spent perfecting the starts and ends of their pitch.

Often, it’s the shortest elevator pitches that are hardest to deliver well.  But they are also the most effective. When you get it right it’s a powerful business tool – particularly if you are faced with a room of investors managing $1 trillion. That’s why so many people use experts like BBA to help them prepare powerful pitches. We’d be delighted to help you too.

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