10 Speed Networking Tips – when pitching to investors

How do you handle an Investor Speed Networking event? Here are a few tips to increase the success of your encounter.

In this case, Imagine you are a fund looking for investors

First, what not to do when speed networking

– Don’t rush
– Don’t just pack the encounter with facts
– Don’t do all the talking
– Don’t use scripted pitch

Instead – Prepare Your Speed Networking with 10 Steps

1. Start with an introduction and a swap of cards – learn the other person’s name and find out something about them. Think about building a relationship first.

2. Ask some questions first when speed networking – for example, to an investor, ‘What type of investments are you looking for now’

3. Listen to the answer for clues that tie their needs with what you offer

4. If there is clearly no fit, say so – but ask if they would be interested in hearing more – in case they know someone who might be interested

5. Have a strong one-line introduction to your elevator pitch which sums up your offer in a different way. Make this one-liner memorable. E.g. at Benjamin Ball Associates we say “We help senior management Pitch, Present & Persuade more effectively

6. If they are interested, go on and say more. Unfold what you offer bit by bit. Keep checking you have interest and understanding at each stage. Ask more questions.

7. You should be in a dialogue by now. Keep asking questions

8. Finish your speed networking with a summary of what you have discussed

9. Agree next steps

10. Keep your promises and follow up

Good luck.

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