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1:1 Executive public speaking coaching

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How to control nerves

How to start and end your talk

How to rehearse & prepare for public speaking

How to make an impact, confidently

How we help you with bespoke coaching

Prepare Your Presentations and Talks

Give yourself the best talk or speech

Write A Compelling Talk

Our public speaking coaches from London will help you prepare your business speech or talk. We’ll help you develop an impactful presentation to engage your audience.

Edit and Refine Your Presentation

Perhaps you have a draft of your talk. Our expert public speaking coaches will edit what you have and transform it into a compelling presentation.

Public Speaking Coaching

Improve your Public Speaking

Improve Your Performance

Improve what you say, how you say it and how you look when you deliver your presentation. Use powerful spoken language, confident body language and perform like a professional.

Prepare & Rehearse Your Talk

A strong business presentation is all about how you prepare. Your coach will help you prepare your public speaking with practical advice and rehearsals, usually with a camera.

Handle Questions Confidently

Our experts will coach you on how to handle tough questions. Learn how to react to the unexpected.

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Work with expert coaches

Our coaches help you refine your words and your delivery. Get both right and it’s much easier to be a compelling, confident public speaker.

  • Our coaches have trained senior executives & management teams in London and globally for over 15 years.
  • We specialise in investor, financial & corporate communications. Because all our coach sessions are tailored, you get exactly the public speaking support you need.
  • Each of our public speaking coaches comes with 20+ years business experience.
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Why are our public speaking courses so successful?

One reason that so many of our clients continue to call us when they need public speaking support is because we deliver fast results. With bespoke coaching courses, you get exactly the help you need. This could be one to one coaching or group public speaking training.

  • We’ll help you prepare an upcoming public speaking commitment.
  • We’ll help you build world-class public speaking skills suitable for a business leader.
  • Because you work with an experienced public speaking coach, you get real insight and practical advice.

Director of Communications, The GIIN

“Big thanks for all your excellent help on our messaging. Your guidance has been invaluable! … We would have NEVER have got here without you.”

Amy Stillman

What does it take to be a compelling public speaker?

While every talk or presentation is different, some things underpin the best public speakers. We help you with all of these:

  • Start with compelling content. A well-written script makes it much easer to speak with confidence.
  • A powerful talk structure. How you start your talk, how you build your arguments, how you end. Get this right and you will sound more impressive.
  • Polish your delivery. Your voice, your body language, your movements. All of these make a difference in public speaking.

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Public Speaking FAQs

We’ve been helping business leaders for over 15 years. Most of our clients are long-term repeat customers who know the value we bring.

We are known for fast results. All our public speaking sessions are bespoke and intensive. You may only need a few short hours.

To discuss how we can help you improve your communication style, call Louise Angus our client services director on +44 207 018 0922
While there is no one size fits all solution, there are some things you can do to improve your public speaking confidence.

First, make your presentation about your audience and speak to one person at a time. This will help keep nerves under control. You can also reduce your fear of public speaking with planning and practice.

The better you know your talk the more confident you will be in delivery. A powerful start with a clear structure combined with stories and examples will bring your talk to life to keep your audience interested and engaged.

Fear of public speaking is a common concern among senior managers and business leaders. Even well-known celebrities confess to stage fright before making a public presentation. Along with solid preparation and a well-written speech, there are some physical techniques that you can use to calm nerves and help you present in a strong clear voice. Channelling nervous energy, breathing steadily and slowly, or using pre-presentation affirmations can all be useful.

Engaging the services of a professional public speaking coach will help overcome nerves. Corporate public speaking training will help you improve your public speaking and will give you confidence with impactful presentations.
Making presentations, delivering talks, or speaking at a seminar can be improved by developing your speaking skills. Skills and techniques to improve the clarity of your speech include identifying a key message, writing a compelling presentation, and an impactful style.

Transforming your public speaking skills using our expert coaching and guidance will help you to speak publicly – and with a lot more confidence.

Our experts can help you understand how to use verbal and non-verbal communication, and practise with you to prepare for your speaking event. Whether it’s an important interview, sales seminar, or marketing pitch, or if you are a keynote speaker, we can help. You’ll get fast and effective results.
Building confidence is a key component of public speaking courses. We’ll show you confidence-building techniques during the session to improve your poise and self-assurance.

We work closely with our clients to tailor our public speaking course and methodology to respond to different speaking engagements. You want to make your presentation sound and look authentic. The small improvements you make will have a big impact on the final result.

We’ll show you how to connect with your audience. Our executive coaches each have 20+ years of experience. They have the skills and techniques to enhance your public speaking capabilities and get the right outcomes for you and your business.
The results gained from presentation skills training can be immediate. We’ll show you the tricks of the trade as well as ways to prepare and practise.

Practice, practice, and more practice will raise your confidence when talking to an audience. You’ll learn how to tell a story and punctuate it with the correct pauses or hand gestures. Like this you will instantly turns a dull talk into an exciting and compelling presentation.

We work with companies and individuals that want to deliver better public speaking and adopt an engaging presentation style. We specialise in financial, investor, and corporate communications to support senior executives and management teams across a global customer base.

We coach speaking skills to create winning investor pitches, deliver financial services training, or polish management presentations. All public speaking activities are supported by our expert team, and we have worked with charities, FTSE250 companies, and hedge fund investors. More details about our successful partnerships and public speaking coaching services can be viewed on our Case Studies page, and feedback from business leaders and executives who have benefited from our training can be seen on the Client Feedback page.

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More Information About Business Public Speaking Coaching

What public speaking coaching options do you offer?

All our coaching is bespoke. That means everything is tailored to your specific needs. We run one-to-one public speaking courses. We offer small group public speaking workshops and you can also have one-to-one executive coaching via video conference. Just speak to us and we can develop the most effective training for you. We are known for delivering fast results, so most coaching sessions last only a few hours. This is particularly suitable for senior executives and senior managers.

How does your executive speaking coaching work?

Usually your coach will work with you on your talks or presentations. You bring along something that you have recently delivered, or that is coming up and we help you perfect it.  That way, you learn how to approach your public speaking and immediately see how to apply those skills in a practical setting.  You come away with a polished presentation and brilliant public speaking skills. 

How much does your coaching cost?

We are not the cheapest, but we offer amazing value for money. You can get coaching with us either face to face or online via video. When working remotely, the cost is just £395 per hour. When working face to face, the fees start at about £2,000 (ie, about £500-£700 per head, depending how many people in your group). With this you get one-to-one executive coaching or in small groups. We organise everything and come to your offices to work with you. All training is bespoke.

How do you stand out in public speaking courses for business?

We stand out because:

– You get fast results
– We have 15+ years’ experience working for some the world’s most demanding companies.
– You get help to polish your public speaking content and delivery.  You work with an expert public speaking coach.
– We are specialist in important leadership public speaking and effective communication.

How long does a public speaking training course run?

You coaching will be fast and effective. For example, a small group public speaking course takes only 4 hours. If you want one-to-one public speaking coaching, a few hours is enough. Call us today to discuss which course is best for you.

Is your coaching really that good?

Yes.  We set out to be the best public speaking coaching company and looking at the feedback we get, and the awards we have won, we have succeeded.  You get tailored courses, you get intensive support and you work with coaches who are real experts and will advise on all aspects of your communication. 

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