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We help leaders become impressive media interviewees. Fast.
With small-group and 1:1 coaching you can transform your media handling skills.

Improve my media interviews


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Look confident, feel confident and be confident with expert media training

With expert tailored coaching, you can be sure of giving great media interviews.  With 10+ years experience advising business leaders, our coaches can help with the toughest situations. Speak to one of our experts today.


Our expert coaches will help you find the right words, build your skills and refine your performance. You'll look great and feel great.  And they can do this in your offices.
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You'll see the difference within minutes.  With tailored media training we'll build skills and help you achieve your business objectives.
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Whether you need help preparing for an upcoming event or you want to build media crisis skills in your team.  Work with our experts to become better at handing the media.

@BenjaminBallA  I honestly thought it was one of the most valuable 3 hours I've spent with anyone in a long time.

Mick May, OBE.
CEO, Blue Sky

@BenjaminBallA Transformed both the quality of my content and the effectiveness of my delivery. I highly recommend BBA.

Martin Legault
General Manager, National Bank of Canada

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Award-Winning Coaching

Work with the team that won the 2016 Alternative Investment Awards 
Best for Investor Presentation Coaching – UK 

Amazing value for money

Our support is not the cheapest, but then you get what you pay for.  Our clients are usually amazed at the high return on investment they get working with Benjamin Ball Associates.
Improve my media interviews

Media Training - Coaching - Rehearsals

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Media Training - Tailored for You

Every programme is designed to achieve exactly what you want.  In our experience this often includes:

✔ Clarify your objectives for speaking to the media

✔ Review the strengths and weaknesses in your story

✔ Identify what the journalist might pick up on

✔ Start your interview with impact

✔ Translate complex ideas into compelling copy

✔ Control your nerves

✔ Look confident

✔ Use powerful language

✔ Handle tough questions

✔ Look good on camera

✔ Sound good on the radio

✔ Rehearse and prepare yourself

✔ Handle the unexpected confidently

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