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Improve my media interviews


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Do you know what questions they might ask?
Do you know how to avoid the tough questions?
Can you understand how to help the journalist write the story you want?
Do you know how to look confident on camera?
Can you sound confident, even when unsure?
Are you well prepared for the toughest situations?
Are you ready to speak to the media?

If not, then we'd love to help you.


You'll find the right words, build your skills and refine your performance. You'll look great and feel great.  
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Media Training - Coaching - Rehearsals

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Media Training - Tailored for You

We can coach in your offices, in a media studio or via Zoom. 
What you cover often includes:

✔ Start your interview with impact

✔ Control your nerves

✔ Look confident

✔ Use powerful language

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✔ Control your nerves

✔ Review  strengths & weaknesses

✔ Find the interesting angle

✔ Make the complex be compelling

✔ Review  strengths and weaknesses 

✔ Identify what the journalist wants

✔ Start your interview with impact

✔ Make the complex compelling 

✔ Control your nerves

✔ Look confident

✔ Use powerful language

✔ Handle tough questions

✔ Look good on camera

✔ Sound good on the radio

✔ Rehearse and prepare yourself

✔ Handle the unexpected confidently

✔ Handle tough questions

✔ Look good on camera

✔ Rehearse and prepare 

✔ Deal with the unexpected 

Improve my media interviews

@BenjaminBallA  “Having worked with a number of coaches over the years, Paul tops them all... Exceptional service and a pleasure to work with from start to finish.”

Suzanne Mount
MullenLowe salt

@BenjaminBallA helped transform how our clients get their message across… resulting in better and more impactful media coverage. I would highly recommend them!”

Melissa Annetts
Director, London Media PR
Improve my media interviews

What makes us special

The team at BBA has been coaching CEOs and senior executives for over 10 years. Many PR firms use us to coach their clients. You work with specialists in business and financial media communications.  

All coaching currently via Zoom