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Your success depends on your ability to communicate well.

Build the essential skills you need.


Get Better at Talks, Pitches and Presentations

Research shows that the most important skills for a business leader are communication skills. Then, you’ll make the right impression and get people to take action.  Improve your communication skills with expert tailored advice, coaching and training.

Make The Impact You Want

What other people see and hear determines what they think of you. Customers, suppliers and business partners decide how to treat you depending on the impression you give. Are you doing it right?  Our experts help polish how you come across.
I Want Better Presentations

Look and Sound Impressive

Learn the communication skills to make a real impact. See how to connect with clients. This wins you the work. Expert communication skills training will get you better results: in presentations, in talks and in pitches.

Our communication skills training helps you craft your story, develop your presentation and polish your delivery style.

“My boss told me it was the best presentation I had ever done. Thank you very much”
Sophie Blondel Group Financial Controller, Zodiak Media

I Want Better Presentations

Working with us you get:

  1. Completely personalised coaching
  2. Practical, effective advice
  3. Experienced coaches, trusted presentation advisors to CFOs
  4. Immediate improvements and long-lasting results

Like this, you build both skills and confidence. You will find it much easier to create and deliver successful presentations of all types.

We want to make a real different to the impact you make and improve the influence you have.

Improve All Aspects of Your Communication

At BBA we focus on all parts of your communication: how you prepare; your words; how you structure your presentations, the documents you use and how you connect with your audience.

The advice you receive increases your understanding, strengthens your skills and builds your confidence.
You learn how easy it is to be a powerful communicator – when you do it right.

Personalised Communication Skills Training

All our training is tailored to your exact needs. We get to understand you and what you want to achieve. Our most popular sessions last either a half-day or a full day. We typically run this in-house at your offices; either 1:1 or in small groups.

business clients of BBA

TMT clients for business presentations

So, call us to discuss exactly what you are looking for. We have a wide range of solutions for every requirement. Currently we don’t run ‘open’ training courses.

Start Now

Call or email to discuss your needs with one of our team. We’ll advise on the best way to get the results you want.
I Want Better Presentations

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Most Popular Services

1. Improve Your Investor Pitch

2. Public Speaking Coaching

3. Presentation Coaching

4. Media Training

All these are in-house and tailored coaching / training programmes. They can be run 1:1 or for small groups in-house. (Not ‘open’ courses).

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