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Polish Your Pitch Book

Is your pitch book as good as it could be?
Does it get your investment story across clearly and persuasively?

If not, please read on.


Better Pitch Documents Mean More Successful Pitches

Your pitch book is probably your most important piece of marketing material. It needs to grab attention and tell a clear persuasive story. Why? If it doesn’t, your first meeting will be your last meeting.


A More Persuasive Pitch Book

A well articulated and clearly structured investment document will help you secure the investment you want:

  1. Grab attention from the start. Put the reader in the right mood
  2. Get to the heart of your investment story.
  3. Answer all the obvious questions an investor will have
  4. Leave a positive impression, lasting and memorable

Polish your pitch book today


Work With Experts

We support Private Equity firms, Hedge Funds, Startups and other businesses to polish their pitch books.


Great Results

“Moved our presentation into a different league and undoubtedly improved the outcome and offer we received.”

Liz Warner CEO, betty

“The new presentation properly represents the institutional quality of our fund. It has been a step change of us.”

Erwin de Kleijn Head of IR, Saemor Capital

Polish your pitch book today

Why is BBA so Good at Pitch Books?

With BBA you get much more than a better looking pitch book. You get valuable advice that helps you tell your investment story more persuasively. Your investment story becomes more appealing and more engaging. We help you improve how investors react to you and your story.


What does BBA do Differently?

At BBA we focus on every aspect of your communication: your investment narrative, your materials and how you work as a team in investor meetings.

The advice you receive makes sure you are fully prepared for your meetings. You learn how easy it is to be a persuasive communicator – when you use the right tools.


Get Personal Advice

Our advice is based around your needs, your timetable and your budget. Every job we do is different. That’s why we enjoy what we do so much.


What Next?

Polish your pitch book today

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