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We help executives become impressive public speakers. Fast.

Online or face-to-face you get expert advice to improve all aspects of your talks and presentations.

Work with the leading business presentation coaches

Get support from a team that’s been helping business leaders for over 15 years.

You get tailored public speaking coaching and advice. And we direct our help exactly where you need it.

  • Re-write talks and presentations
  • Build confidence
  • Polish performance

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Specialists in business, leadership and investor communications

We support leaders with some of their most complex and important financial and business public speaking and presentations.

Working with us, you will feel more confident, look more polished and get results.

“Transformed both the quality of my content and the effectiveness of my delivery. I highly recommend BBA.”

Martin Legault VP and General Manager, National Bank of Canada

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Work with Award-Winning Coaches

improve your investor pitch

Award-winning coaches

Work with a team recognised for their expertise in coaching, investor presentations and business public speaking.

Immediate results

You’ll see the difference within minutes.

Not only do we help you achieve your business objectives, we also make it easy for you.

Long-lasting benefits

Working with our expert business public speaking coaches, you will be transformed.

You’ll find it easier to prepare, easier to compose and easier to deliver compelling communications.

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Why do leading firms call us?

Persuasive financial presentations

  1. Completely personalised public speaking coaching
  2. Practical, effective advice
  3. Experienced coaches
  4. Immediate improvements and long-lasting results

Like this, you build the skills and confidence you need to deliver successful talks of all types.

We want to make a real different to the impact you make so that you improve the influence you have.

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Improve Your Business Public Speaking

At Benjamin Ball Associates we focus on improving every aspect of your talk.  That means:

  • Strengthen your words
  • Transform your structure
  • Polish your materials
  • Build your confidence.

Your coaching builds your skills and reinforces your confidence. You quickly become a powerful speaker and communicator.


Get practical advice

Personalised and value-for-money

All our public speaking coaching is tailored.

Our coaches are all trusted advisors to business leaders. We typically work in-house at your offices or online via Zoom etc.

We don’t run ‘open’ presentation training courses – although you’ll probably find our 1:1 online presentation training via Zoom is more cost effective than an open course.

Start Improving Now

What does a public speaking coaching course involve?

All of our coaching is tailored for you.  That means every session is different and designed to help you achieve your objectives fast.

In the same way that exercise helps a great athlete or musician be on top of their game, our coaching will help you be on top of your public speaking game.

What this usually involves is:

  1.  You tell us what you want to achieve and what success would be for you
  2. We ask you to answer a few questions so that your coach is fully prepared.
  3. You bring along a talk, a presentation or any other communication you want to work on
  4. You role-play the start of your talk with your coach
  5. They immediate start by giving you practical tips and feedback to help you improve.
  6. You immediately apply these tips so you see and feel the difference
  7. Then, we may show you some videos of other public speakers or apply some exercises or re-run part of your talk – it all depends what will make the biggest difference
  8. During your session your coach will constantly remind you of things to do differently.  You may re-work your entire talk.
  9. Towards the end of the coaching session, your public speaking coach will agree a plan with you to help you make lasting change.
  10. Lastly, we’ll send you a note along with some of our guides so that you continue to build your skills over the next few weeks.
  11. If necessary, we can organise a follow-on coaching session.

We have been perfecting this technique for nearly 15 years.  That’s why so many people come to us again and again to help them become brilliant public speakers and presenters.

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About Benjamin Ball Associates

Benjamin Ball Associates Team

Benjamin Ball Associates helps clients to communicate better.

Over 12+ years the award-winning BBA team has coached thousands of senior executives globally to present in business. You get access to a robust toolbox of techniques to help you become a clear, confident communicator.

We’ll help you create a powerful first impression that hooks and engages your audience immediately and we’ll transform you to deliver clearly, confidently and with impact.

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