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The Pitch Coach - Investment Pitch Coaching

Win more pitches

When you pitch for new investment, are you as compelling as you could be? Could you improve your pitch with coaching?


Have More Successful Investor Pitches

Whether you are a pitching for investment or selling a company, the quality of your pitch is key.
That means making sure that your investment story, your materials and your performance all impress.

“I can honestly say our investment in coaching has paid for itself many times over.”

Ed Coulthard  CEO, Blast Films

Improve My Pitch

What Do You Get Working With BBA?

  • Completely personalised pitch coaching
  • Practical, effective advice
  • Experienced coaches
  • Immediate improvements
  • Long-lasting results

We want to make a real different to the impact you make – and improve the results from your investor pitch.


Improve All Of Your Pitch

At BBA we focus on every aspect of your investment pitch:

  • how you prepare
  • your investor story
  • how you structure your investor meeting
  • your materials
  • how you engage with your client.

We’ll improve your pitch, strengthen your skills and build confidence.
You learn how easy it is to be more persuasive with investors.


Pitch Coaching, Tailored for You

All our pitch coaching is tailored.
We help clients with everything from quick half-day rehearsal to larger projects that transform our clients’ win rates.

Improve My Pitch

Transform Yourself with Pitch Coaching

Every pitch is different, every client is different.
A good pitch book is not enough.
That is why we help our clients with tailored pitch coaching. We make sure you are on top form when you talk to investors.


Great Track Record

Clients benefit from our 10 years of investment pitch polishing.
These range from large private equity firms to small hedge funds, from startups to global investment organisations.

“This training has contributed directly to new business – including a new FTSE100 client.”

Michelle Elstein Head of Business Development, Olswang LLP

“Moved our presentation into a different league and undoubtedly improved the outcome and offer we received.”

Liz Warner CEO, betty

investor pitch coaching London by Benjamin Ball Associates

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