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Be prepared for any media interview

Tailored media training for clear, confident press, TV and radio interviews

Work with Media Training Specialists

Whether you are preparing for a specific interview or polishing your media handing skills, you should work with experts: journalist media trainers who advise FTSE100 CEOs, global corporates and top executives.

Using role play, and coaching on-camera you will feel fully prepared for press interviews, TV interviews or radio interviews.

Coaching in Birmingham

Usually we come to your offices: an expert media trainer and camera person. This means a short sharp coaching session to save you time. That’s why leading companies and PR agencies use us.

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Clients Use Us for Corporate Media Training Because

  1. Completely personalised media training, tailored to your needs
  2. Practical, effective advice
  3. Experienced journalist coaches, trusted corporate media advisors to business
  4. Immediate improvements and long-lasting results

Like this, you build the skills and confidence you need for successful business media interviews.

We want to make a real different to the impact you make and help you avoid difficult situations.

More Than Just Media Training

We focus on every aspect of your corporate media interview: your words, how you use stories, your messages and how you appear.

You get extensive interview practice, which means you are prepared for whatever media situation you may face. You learn how easy it is to be a powerful media communicator – when you use the right tools.

Tailored Professional Media Training

All our media training is tailored.  We typically work at your offices; either 1:1 or in small groups. We conduct business media training in Birmingham, London and across Europe. But, if you want something different, we can probably help. For example, some executives want a quick one hour refresher course before any media interview. We support PR agencies and in-house communications teams.

You Can Start Now

Call or email to discuss your media training needs with one of our team. We’ll review the best way to get the results you want.

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Call Louise Angus, Client Services Director today to discuss how we can help:
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