Better Management Presentations

better management presentations

Polish your presentations to investors and shareholders

Need help preparing a powerful management presentation?


When you are preparing for a management presentation, you want expert support.

You must get it right first time. That means connecting quickly with your audience and handling the toughest questions confidently.

Clear Systematic Process for Better Management Presentations

When we help management teams deliver great management presentations, we use a clear process. This makes it easy for you, and gives you expert support that is swift and practical.

The essential stages are:

  1. Develop your story into a compelling narrative;
  2. Build your story and slides around that narrative
  3. Coach each person so they look great, individually and as a team
  4. Prepare with rehearsals and role play. Practise the toughest questions and learn how to give great answers.


Prepare With Experts

With a long track record creating great management presentations for some of the most successful businesses in the UK, Europe and Middle East, we draw upon years of experience.

BBA supports  IPOs, help companies owned by Private Equity firms and have been involved in raising a lot of money from investors.

Improve My Management Presentations

Why use BBA for Better Management Presentations?

You get individual advice to (1) improve what you say (2) improve how you present and (3) increase your confidence.

Working with us you get:

  1. Completely personalised coaching,
  2. Practical, effective advice
  3. Experienced coaches
  4. Immediate improvements

Like this, you can be sure your team looks polished – and that you make the best possible impression to potential buyers or investors.

Improve My Management Presentations

About Benjamin Ball Associates

Every management pitch is different, every client is different.
A good pitch book is not enough.
That is why we help our clients with tailored pitch coaching. We make sure you are on top form when you talk to investors.


Great Clients

Private Equity Pitch Presentation Clients

corporate finance clients



Great Track Record

Clients benefit from our 10 years of investment pitch polishing.
These range from large private equity firms to small hedge funds, from startups to global investment organisations.

“BBA transformed our pitch into a compelling investment narrative. They undoubtedly helped us secure Sky TV as an investor.”

Gerry Bastable  Director, Blast Films

“Ben did a great job on our presentation. He transformed an ordinary set of slides into a great presentation with a clear message. Would definitely use him again and recommend him highly.”

Nick Rogers CEO, IPSO Ventures



Improve My Management Presentation

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