Your Investor Pitch. Transformed

When you meet investors you want it get it right.

how to prepare - investor pitch coaching

Raising Finance or Talking to Shareholders?

Help investors make the right decision: With investor pitch coaching you can polish your investment story, improve your materials and prepare your team so they impress.

Easier Deals and Increased Valuations

To be more successful, work with experts who understand investor meetings. Prepare yourselves properly so that your investors are left interested and engaged.

We regularly help private companies prepare for meetings with potential buyers or investors. We help private equity firms with LP meetings and we support quoted company capital market days,  results reporting and IPOs across Europe.

I want to transform my investor pitch

Fast Service – Quick Results

We know how busy you are.  That is why we have a fast, efficient process to prepare you. Our team includes former corporate financiers and financial presentation coaches.

With a short sharp programme you can make a massive improvement.

What our clients say


“We had a good story to tell, but you helped us deliver it more coherently and more positively.”

Steve Whitfield Eurocamp

“Moved our presentation into a different league and undoubtedly improved the outcome and offer we received.”

Liz Warner CEO, betty

Clients include large public companies, private equity firms, fund managers and many smaller private businesses.


I want to transform my investor pitch


Why Investor Pitch Coaching with Us?

Working with us you get:

  1. Completely personalised coaching and advice
  2. Practical, effective support
  3. Experienced coaches
  4. Immediate improvements and long-lasting results


Like this, you can be sure your investor meetings will be successful.

We want to make a real different to the impact you make and improve the outcome of the investor meetings you have.

I want to transform my investor pitch

How Does it Work?

All our coaching is tailored to you.

First, we get to understand you and what help you really need. Our advice and training is based around your needs and your timetable.

What Next?

I want to transform my investor pitch

Reasons to Call Us Today

At BBA we help improve every aspect of your investor pitch: your investment narrative, your materials and how you look as a team in investor meetings.

Clients tell us they are able to secure better deals after their coaching with us.

The coaching you receive makes sure you are fully prepared for your meetings.

I want to transform my investor pitch

What to do next

Call Louise Angus, Client Services Director today to discuss how we can help or for a free consultation:
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