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Very simply, we stick to what we do best – help people and businesses make an impact. We achieve this with:


1. Coaching

2. Training

3. Expert Advice

And we do this over and over again for some of the world’s most successful businesses.

When you work with us you will deliver compelling talks, pitches and presentations – for investors, staff and customers. You will create compelling presentations and pitches and you will become a confident communicator.

What makes us different is that all our coaches are experienced business people so you get a wonderful combination of practical advice and individual support.


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Better Investor Meetings  »

Develop confident and persuasive investor messages, presentations and meetings. Read more about better Investor Meeting Preparation…


Impactful Presentations and Public Speaking  » 

Create powerful messages, presentations and delivery. Build confidence to achieve your objectives. Read more about Presentation Training…


Persuasive Pitch Meetings  » 

Prepare yourselves to sell, win business and raise money. Polish your messages, materials and connect with clients. Read more about Pitch-Winning Training…


Confident Media Interviews  »

Handle the press confidently and make your story come across persuasively. Read more about Media Training…


In-House Communications Training

And we also put together impressive communications training programmes at all levels.  Read more about In-House Communication Skills Training …


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“I could feel that the audience was listening to me…. Two people (separately) ..congratulated me on an excellent speech….
UK Financial Regulator


What Makes BBA Different

This is not standard training.

At BBA we improve every aspect of your communication: your messages, your story, your proposition, your materials and how you come across to your audience.

You work with business and communications experts, all with extensive experience working at the highest levels in business.

The advice you receive makes sure you are fully prepared for your communication. You learn how easy it is to be a persuasive communicator – when you use the right tools. And these tools will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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