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Business presentation training online for leaders and executives. When you need the best.

Captivate audiences, drive decisions, and elevate your leadership with bespoke online coaching from award-winning experts.

We specialise in business communication skills training for senior executives. For 15 years our UK presentation coaches have delivered high-impact executive presentation training to business globally.

Transform your presentation skills and deliver impactful business presentations to captivate and engage your audience.

Working with us you’ll become a confident, persuasive presenter. Clients value our fast, effective tailored coaching. We work face-to-face or online.

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Global Clients
1500 +
Successful Coaching Projects
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Unlock your presentation potential

Clients use us to deliver compelling presentations

Benefits of working with Benjamin Ball Associates

Look and sound like a leader

Become more persuasive and effective

Answer tough audience questions

Write and deliver engaging presentations

Increase confidence and gravitas

Keep your audience engaged

How we help you with high-stakes presentations

Plan Your Business Presentations For Success

Develop the perfect business presentation

Grab Attention and Show Gravitas

Our experts help you refine what you say. Then it’s easier to engage your audience.

Learn The Secrets of The Best Presenters

Keep listeners hooked with a great start and structure. You’ll keep them interested throughout.

Get The Results You Need

Finish your presentation powerfully. Get better results.

Build Your Corporate Communication Skills

Deliver a leadership presentation

Get High-Impact Presentation Skills Training

Some of the world’s leading companies choose us for pitch u0026 corporate presentation coaching. We are very good at financial, investor and business presentations.

Improve Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication

Improve what you say, how you say it and how you look. Powerful spoken language, body language and persuasion skills.

Prepare & Rehearse Like a Pro

Prepare for your pitch or presentation with practical role play.

How Benjamin Ball improves senior manager presentations

Learn from the best UK business presentation coaches

Discover what it takes to be an powerful corporate communicator.

  • Grab and Maintain Attention: Make sure your audience is hearing what you want them to hear
  • Look and Sound Impressive: Learn the tricks that the best presenters use
  • Build Essential Leadership Skills: Our clients become better leaders with career-enhancing communications
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Best for Financial Presentation Training

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Best for Investor Presentation Coaching

Overcome the presentation challenges of a business leader

As a business leader, your communications are vital. Get executive coaching for success.

  • We help you make a positive impact with investors, analysts and industry commentators
  • Get results at conferences and on panels
  • Make sure your staff presentations get the outcome you want
  • Present to the board with confidence.

Communications Director, Impetus

“In a few powerful sessions, Ben completely transformed the way we describe Impetus and deliver our key messages.”

Amy Stillman

Why top firms choose us for presentation coaching online

All our online training for business presentations is tailored. You get exactly the help you need.

  • Our coaching delivers fast results. That’s why many of our clients have been with us for 15+ years.
  • We work where and when you need, tailoring our training to your needs. We work to your timetable.
  • One-on one coaching, group-based presentation skills training or online presentation coaching for presentation skills. Whatever you need, we can help.

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Presentation Training Online FAQs

What makes us special:

1. We are specialists in supporting senior executive with presentation advice.

2. We help with investor presentations, new business pitches, presentations and talks.

3. We’ve been coaching senior executives in presentation skills for 15+ years.

4. Businesses use us because we deliver fast results.

5. We have a senior team that adds value by improving your content, refining your structure and polishing your delivery.

6. We offer tailored coaching sessions, whether 1:1 presentation training, small group presentation courses or online presentation coaching.

For more information, call Louise Angus, client services director, on +44 20 0718 0922

Benefits of coaching with BBA: By the time you finish working with us, you will:

1. Increase your confidence

2. Have improved communication skills

3. Understand how to grab audience attention

4.Know how to be more persuasive

5. Know how to plan powerful presentations

6. Have built important leadership skills to enhance your career.

Whether you are delivering a management presentation, or need to deliver ongoing training to a management team, you want the best possible results. You want confidence and clarity.

Creating the ideal presentation requires clear messages, a powerful structure and confident delivery skills.

We help you polish your existing presentations or develop brand new ones. Our presentation training courses provide you with the tools you need to successfully deliver a sales pitch, hold an investor meeting, or present with confidence.

We can show you how to deliver a presentation that creates a real impact on your listeners. Along with defining the outline and developing a powerful presentation, we assist with things like preparing and rehearsing. We’ll also share non-verbal communication tips to help you use body language, voice and eye contact most powerfully.

Top ten things to learn in a presentation skills training course:

1. How to prepare a compelling presentation

2. How to start your presentation with impact

3. How to engage your audience

4. How to look and feel confident

5. How to use your slides or visual aids

6. How to convey complex information

7. How to use powerful language

8. How to use rhetorical tools

9. How to use pauses and body language

10. How to end your presentation with impact

With the proven coaching and guidance skills provided by our experts, we can help you look, feel, and act more confident when speaking to a room. Our team supports leaders and business executives with presentation techniques that once learned, can be used over and over again in any number of business settings.

Our executive coaching will equip you with the skills you need to be more successful in business. That’s why so many brand name companies use us to coach their senior executives.

Most clients are businesses or in financial services, although we have a number of charities and public sector organisations on our books.

We provide training, coaching, and guidance on pitches, presentations and public speaking skills.

We have helped businesses of all sizes including private equity firms, FTSE250, and private companies. We help them craft compelling presentations and pitches.

Over the years we have amassed more than 450 clients across the globe, and been involved in over 1500 projects. This has included CEO & CFO presentations, important speeches, investor pitch decks, shareholder presentations, and team coaching.

Our clients come from technology, banking, media, telecoms, and countless other organisations, ranging from small businesses to global blue-chip corporations.

With the presentation and public speaking skills we share, many of our partnerships have generated lasting financial results, and our clients have returned multiple times to take advantage of our coaching and training insights. With a client feedback score of 97%, our results speak for themselves.

Yes. All our coaching is bespoke.

Every business is faced with different challenges. Benjamin Ball Associates has a team of coaching experts that help individuals deliver outstanding presentations regardless of the subject matter.

All our professional presentation training courses incorporate extensive role play and show advanced presentation techniques. Where possible we review and provide feedback on presentation videos that we have been sent to uncover weaknesses and suggest areas of improvement. By designing our coaching to address your specific strengths and weaknesses we improve your corporate presentation skills and add value to your business.

Once we understand what you want to achieve we tailor responses and feedback to individuals. We give one-to-one coaching so you can improve and gain confidence in your presenting abilities. We teach techniques to improve presentation delivery with practical advice and individual support that helps you to deliver the best presentation possible. We can help you understand who your audience is and re-engineer your professional presentations to have the maximum impact. Whether training is needed for management or executives, we will help your team to become confident communicators who can captivate and engage an audience.

All our presentation coaching is customised. For example:

1. We can run one on one individual presentation coaching. Either face-to-face or online via video conference

2. We can run group coaching. We suggest small groups – up to 4 people – so that everyone gets enough individual attention.

3. We can run online presentation coaching. Either for small groups or 1:1.

Your presentation coach will work face-to-face at your offices or via video. Tell us what presentation solution you need and we will organise it.

Our presentation skills coaches are known for delivering fast, effective results.

A typical small group presentation skills course will last four hours for up to four people. 

For a one-to-one presentation session, you can expect to work with one of our presentation trainers for between two and four hours. 

When you work with us, you’ll be doing plenty of role play. You’ll bring along a pitch or presentation that you have done or about to do and we’ll work with that. Then we’ll video you. You’ll make fast improvements with video analysis.

And the best thing is we don’t lecture you. Instead you get personal advice that will transform your presenting skills.

Talk to Louise Angus to discuss your needs.

Pricing: You can get coaching with us either face to face or online via video.

* When working remotely, the cost is just £395 per hour.

* A presentation training course face to face starts at about £2,000 – ie £500-£700 per person.

With this you get one-to-one presentation coaching or you can work in small groups. We organise everything and come to your offices to work with you. All our presentation skill training is bespoke.

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“I have attended several presentation skills trainings … this was the best by quite some way.” NF, Bureau van Dijk

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