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From our base in London, the BBA team has been helping global clients strengthen their financial presentation skills for more than 12 years

Our financial presentation training helps CEOs, CFO, accountants and professionals look, feel and be more confident when they deliver impactful financial presentations. We help you polish existing presentations, create a powerful new financial presentation and provide new skills that will last a lifetime.

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Specialists in financial and investor presenting

CFO and FD presentation coaching

1-1 presentation coaching, training & support

Team financial presentation training courses

Develop world-class presentation skills

Review & polish your existing financial presentations

Develop your presentation from scratch

How we help improve your presentation skills

Create and Deliver Compelling Financial Presentations

Develop the perfect presentation

Write Financial Presentations

Our experts help you define the core messages in your presentations, then create a compelling narrative that underpins your financial story.

Adopt An Engaging Structure

How do you start? How do you build interest? How do you keep people engaged? All of this is part of the art of structuring a great financial presentation.

Confident, Engaging Performance

You get expert support to strengthen your delivery skills. You’ll look confident and feel confident. You’ll also quickly notice that people start paying attention.

Get Help With Your Presentation

When you need expert support

Because we know what you say is at just as important as how you say it.

  • Our team has supported senior financial executives & management teams globally with their financial presentations for over 12 years.
  • We specialise in investor, financial & corporate presentations and communications.
  • Each of our team comes with 20+ years business experience. This expert-led approach means we add real value to investor, financial and businesses presentations.

Best for Financial Presentation Training

Best for Investor Presentation Coaching

When you need fast results

When the result has so much meaning to you and your business, the right outcome can be career changing.

  • We can work directly with you on your real-world financial presentations.
  • Reputation for delivering award winning results at the highest level.
  • Our clients rely on us for their most important communications. Whether that’s new investments, winning pitches, engaging public speaking, powerful presentations or compelling media interviews.

Franklin Templeton

“Training I can really use day to day”

Franklin Templeton

When you need flexibility and efficiency

Every financial presentation is different and when you are a business leader time is precious.

  • Our support and coaching delivers fast, long-lasting results.
  • We work where and when you need, tailoring our methodology to your situation.
  • One-on one, group based development courses or online video coaching.

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Yes. All our coaching is bespoke. Every business is faced with different challenges, issues, and problems. We have a team of financial presentation training experts that help individuals or groups create and deliver compelling financial presentations. All of our financial presentation training programs provide a unique perspective by incorporating extensive role play and advanced presentation techniques. By designing our coaching to address your specific strengths and weaknesses we can improve your financial presentation skills and add value to your business. Once we understand what you want to achieve we tailor responses and feedback to individuals. We give one-to-one presentation skills training so you can improve and gain confidence in your presenting abilities. We teach techniques to improve presentation delivery with practical advice and individual support that will help you to deliver the best presentation possible. We can help you understand who your audience is and re-engineer your financial presentations to have the maximum impact. Whether training is needed at management or executive level we will help your team to become confident communicators with to captivate and engage an audience.
Whether you are delivering monthly performance numbers, annual results or other financial presentations we can help. Not only will you need to engage your audience and maintain their interest, but you will also need to have the best subject matter possible. Creating the best practice financial presentations requires careful structuring of the core narrative and surrounding messages. We help you define your outcomes and review your existing presentations, or develop brand new ones. Our financial presentation coaching and training courses provide you with the tools you need to successfully deliver a compelling financial presentation. We’ll show you how to deliver a presentation with an engaging structure and compelling story that creates a real impact. Along with defining the outline and developing a powerful presentation, we assist with things like preparation and rehearsal, and sharing non-verbal communication practices to help you use body language that effectively delivers facts, figures, and details.
We work with all situations. For example, recently we’ve supportred a few new CFOs transitioning to their new jobs. We’ve helped CEOs, recently moving from a CFO role as well as many other professionals who need to present financial data in their jobs. With the proven coaching and guidance skills provided by our experts, we can help you look, feel, and act more confident when speaking to a room. Our team supports financial professionals with presentation techniques that once learned, can be used over and over again in any number of business settings. With a focus on business, financial, and investor training, our team has helped executives and managers improve their presentations for over 12 years, coaching clients to stand out and gain positive results.
Our primary focus is on financial and investor presentations in the investor, business, and financial sectors, to provide training, coaching, and guidance on presentations and public speaking. We help businesses of all sizes including private equity firms, FTSE250, and private companies, working together with their management teams to craft presentations and pitches to raise financial support. Over the years we have amassed more than 450 clients across the globe, and been involved in over 1500 projects. This has included debt funding, pitch decks, shareholder presentations, and fundraising initiatives that have all benefited from our expertise in investor communications. Our clients come from technology, banking, media, telecoms, and countless other organisations, ranging from small businesses to global blue-chip corporations. With the presentation skills we share, many of our partnerships have generated lasting financial results, and our clients have returned multiple times to take advantage of our coaching and training insights. With a client feedback score of 97%, our results speak for themselves.

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