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public speaking coach London
Public speaking coaching in London


Speaking Coaching - better public speaking London


@BenjaminBallA  I honestly thought it was one of the most valuable 3 hours I've spent with anyone in a long time.

Mick May, OBE.
CEO, Blue Sky

@BenjaminBallA Transformed the both the quality of my content and the effectiveness of my delivery. I highly recommend BBA.

Martin Legault
General Manager, National Bank of Canada

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public speaking coaches in London

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Call: 020 7018 0922

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Advice and coaching 
that adds value to your business

✔ How to write a persuasive speech

✔ How to prepare for different audiences

✔ How to start your talk with impact

✔ How to engage your audience

✔ How to look and feel confident

✔ How to use powerful language

✔ How to be more persuasive

✔ How to use your hands and body to impress

✔ How to give your voice more impact

✔ How to rehearse and prepare yourself

✔ How to answer tough questions

Award-winning team

Work with the team that won the  Business Excellence Awards 
Best Public Speaking & Presenting Coaching Providers London 2019 

✔ Have you set the right tone?

✔ Do you sound confident, but careful

✔ Is it interesting and engaging?

✔ Are the difficult issues addressed?

✔ What will the analysts say?

✔ Can you handle the tough questions?

✔ What messages will be remembered?

✔ Are investor concerns addressed?

✔ Is it clear and confident?