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Help your investors feel confident and happy 
 with expert AGM preparation

You can transform investor perceptions with a well-planned AGM.  You reassure investors and help them better understand your business. Particularly important in today's environment.  For 10 years we've been supporting companies and funds to improve investor & analyst perceptions.  


Our expert coaches will help polish your presentations, refine your messages and build presentation skills. You'll look great and feel great.  
presentation skills training London
Expert presentation skills training and coaching in London


You'll see the difference within minutes.  With tailored AGM coaching we help you achieve your IR objectives.
Speaking Coaching - better presenting London


Good perceptions last a long time.  Help investors and analysts better understand your business so that they have even more confidence in you 
and your team.  

@BenjaminBallA  Did a great job on our presentation. Transformed an ordinary set of slides into a great presentation with a clear message. Would definitely use again and recommend highly.

Nick Rogers
CEO, IPSO Ventures
presentation training client testimonial
presentation training client testimonial

@BenjaminBallA We had a good story to tell, but you helped us deliver it more coherently and more positively that we would have done without your coaching.

Steve Whitfield
CEO, Eurocamp

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Call: 020 7018 0922

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AGM Preparation Coaching - Tailored for You

Every client is different.  Every situation is different. Typically, we can help you by:

✔ Refining your investor messages

✔ Uncovering a 'Red Thread' to run though the day

✔ Engaging and connecting with your audience

Award-winning team

Work with the team that won the  Alternative Investment Awards 
Best for Investor Presentation Coaching

✔ Starting each presentation with impact

✔ Looking and feeling confident

✔ Ending each presentation powerfully

✔ Answering tough questions

✔ Demonstrating confidence 

✔ Help everyone feel good