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Expert select committee training

When you give evidence in front of a select committee, you want to be prepared.  
The best are supported by expert coaches.  This helps you get across the points you want, helps you make an impact and makes sure you avoid traps. 

Tighten your story

A clear simple story means it's easier for the MPs listening.  The more complex your subject, the more important a easy story becomes. 
select committee training London
Expert select committee training and coaching online

Polish your techniques

How do you start?  How do you build your argument? How do you reinforce your case?  All these need careful training.
select committee Speaking Coaching London

Prepare your answers

You must answer their questions but not get caught out by them. That is where your practice shows though. You need to be ready for anything.

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Case study:
Training for the Education Select Committee

When the CEO of Action Tutoring was asked to give evidence to the Education Select Committee, she naturally turned to Benjamin Ball Associates. 

We helped Susannah prepare her evidence, polish her opening statement and refine how she answered questions.

Award-winning team

Work with the team that won the  Business Excellence Awards 
Best Public Speaking & Presenting Coaching Providers London 2019 

"...fantastic to work with...really helped me think differently.... full of useful tips and valuable feedback. I now feel confident ... could feel the difference it made ... I would highly recommend."

Susannah Hardyman, CEO Action Tutoring

Paul Farrow

As a former board director at PR agency Fishburn Hedges, Paul has extensive experience preparing senior executives for a wide range of select committees 

Jane Renton

As a journalist and coach, Jane has prepared executives for a many parliamentary committees and important events.

Benjamin Ball

As the founder of BBA, Ben has helped many people prepare for select committees, the most recent features in the case study below

Support from our experienced team

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Over 12+ years the award-winning BBA team has coached thousands of executives globally to present powerfully. Our robust toolbox of techniques will help you become a clear, confident communicator.

We’ll help you create a powerful first impression that hooks and engages your audience immediately and we’ll coach you to create and deliver deliver clearly, confidently and with impact.