Improve Your Private Equity Presentations

improve your private equity presentation

Do you want better investor presentations?

Could you stand out more with investors?

If you are pitching to Private Equity, or are a PE firm pitching to investors, we can help.

“We were very pleased…[BBA]  helped us define and explain our unique value proposition. As a result we have attracted new and different investors.”

Florian Kemmerich  Managing Partner, Bamboo Capital Partners


Your Investment Story Should Impress

Over the years, PE firms large and small have asked us to improve their investment pitches. We get to the heart of your investment proposition so that you stand out from the crowd and appeal directly to what an investor needs.


Improve My PE Pitch

Your Annual Investor Days Should Inform and Educate

When we work with teams before investors days to refine their presentations, the results are remarkable.  Investors go away happier and clearer about why you are doing such a good job. That’s why we are used year after year by leading PE firms.  Learn more


Your Portfolio Companies Should Sparkle

PE firms use us to prepare portfolio companies before transactions, trade sale or IPO. We make sure management teams are on top form; their investment presentation is clear and they engage investors. Learn more

Award-Winning Team

Work with the team that won the Alternative Investment Awards
Best for Investor Presentation Coaching – UK


Great Track Record

Some of the companies we have supported include Permira, Fidelity 8 Roads, ECI, Frog Capital, Old Mutual, European Equity, Sovereign Capital, V4C, Graphite Capital.

Private Equity Pitch Presentation Clients

And we are a BVCA member

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Based in London, we work where and when you need us.


Improve My PE Pitch

Fundraising Presentation Advice and Coaching

With BBA you get practical advice to improve your fundraising messages, your materials and how you connect with audiences.

  1. Strengthen your investment narrative – make your pitch easy to understand
  2. Transform your documents – whether PowerPoint or your IM
  3. Coach your team – prepare for tough questions and difficult investors.

Like this, you build both skills and confidence. You find it easier to create the results you want.

We want to make a real improvement to the impact you make.



Work With Investor Presentation Experts

At Benjamin Ball Associates we have been working with PE firms for over 10 years. The team includes former corporate financiers, fund managers and financial PR experts.

The advice you receive is practical, easy to implement and makes a difference. Ben and Paul are both regular speakers on PE fundraising at SuperReturn and other conferences.

Advice, Coaching and Support

When working with Private Equity firms our projects range from a quick half-day polishing session for one person to a multi-week project to prepare for a major transaction or fundraising presentation.


Improve My PE Pitch

Video: How Private Equity Funds can pitch, present and persuade more effectively

Paul Farrow is a Partner at Benjamin Ball Associates. In this video from SuperReturn US East, Paul discusses the common mistakes made by Private Equity funds when communicating with potential investors.

He reveals the unexpected personality trait that investors look for in fund managers, and why LPs don’t want to ‘be taken through your pitch presentation’. He shares essential advice that will improve your fund’s messaging, help you stand out and impress prospective investors. Click the play button below to watch:

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