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Expert coaching to help with talks and interviews

We support PR & Financial PR firms so their clients are more impressive.


Help Senior Executives Look Great

Impression is everything.  You want your clients to make an impact whether on screen, in front of investors or giving a speech.

Work With A Team that Understands Financial PR

We’ve been supporting PR firms for over 10 years.  Some of us come from PR.  We have supported clients of Fishburn, Finsbury, Buchanan, SPC Network, Abchurch and many others.

PR financial PR Agency clients

Get Support With:

  1. Speech and Presentation Coaching for impressive talks and presentations
  2. Preparing for Investor Days and results presentations
  3. Media Training for confident smooth interviews

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Fast Work With Quick Results

We know how busy your clients are.

That’s why we achieve amazing results in a very short time.  You will see the most tongue-tied CFO turn into a confident speaker in just a few hours.

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About Benjamin Ball Associates

We are a small team dedicated to helping companies polish their talks and presentations.  The BBA team has backgrounds in corporate finance, stockbroking, financial PR and journalism.  PR & IR teams have been calling on our services for over 10 years to help improve the impact of  presentations and interviews.  With a mixture of advice and coaching we help management get their story across clearly and persuasively.

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