Better Investor Presentations

better investor presentations

When speaking to investors, your job is to get your story across clearly. But, analysts have less time and investors have more choice.


Your investor presentations must stand out to convince your existing and prospective investors.

You want to make the right impression

When talking to the markets, everything you say matters. This means everyone who speaks to investors or analysts needs to be fully prepared.

Your results, your CMDs and your analyst meetings

These are your big chances to make the right impact. You want to reassure and inform so you continue to get investor support. Through hard times as well as the good.
I Want Better Investor Presentations

Top companies use us to:

  1. Prepare management before market-facing events
  2. Help polish investor presentations
  3. Rehearse before results, capital market days and investor presentations


With advice and coaching we help create compelling and effective investor presentations.


I Want Better Investor Presentations



The Benjamin Ball Associates team have been helping companies to improve their investor pitches and presentations for over 10 years.

We help firms get their story across clearly and persuasively to investors.  We do this with a mixture of advice, coaching and training.

Firms call on us to improve fundraising pitches, IPOs, results presentations, capital market days and roadshows.  Clients range from small startups to some of the largest companies in Europe. What is common about all our clients is that they get great value and typically use us again and again.

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