Better Fund Raising For Hedge Funds

As a hedge fund you need to help investors understand your edge.

You have to explain what you do and why you are special.

Investors must understand what you do

The need to undertand why you are good at it and that you will continue to deliver great returns.

You only have one chance at a first impression

This means getting your pitch documents and your pitch meetings just right.

Only then will the investor want to follow you and, potentially, invest.

See what an LP says about hedge fundraising


“The managers all have charts and graphs with bubbles and arrows going everywhere with long lists of their special edge in the market, all called something from a business-school textbook like ‘our alpha machine’ or ‘our sustainable competitive advantage’.

“You usually find many of the hedge-fund managers self-absorbed and arrogant, clearly having been told a few too many times how smart and special they are….

“By the ninth meeting you are exhausted and can’t remember who said what.”

From Money Mavericks

Read this booklet to create better a investor pitch for your hedge fund.

Private equity venture capital fundraising free guide


If you want to improve your hedge fund investor pitch:


This booklet includes these five essential tests for your hedge fund investor pitch


To work out if you need help with your hedge fund investor pitch, check it against these five tests:


1. First Impression Test Have you established a connection and positive feeling within the first minute?

2. Flick Test Can you glance through the pitch document and immediately grasp why this is a great investment?

3. Focus Test Does the pitch address the investor and their needs?

4. First Date Test At the end of the pitch does the investor feel excited; eager to learn more?

5. Familiarity Test Can the investor summarise the pitch in one line? Does it sound distinctive, interesting and relevant?


Transform your hedge fund investor pitch:

Help Me With Better Investor Presentations

Get support for hedge fund fundraising

No matter how complex your strategy, you want your investor to be able to explain it to his colleagues and the investment committee.

If an investor can’t explain your strategy, you will not get followed or funded.

Our team helps you craft your story, develop your presentation and polish your pitch meetings.



“The new presentation properly represents the institutional quality of our fund. It has been a step change for us.”

Erwin de Kleijn Head of IR, Saemor Capital

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