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Expert board presentation coaching

When you present to the board, you want to be prepared.  This is a huge opportunity to make your mark and make changes.
The best presenters are supported by expert coaches.  This helps you make the impact you want and make the right impression. 

Tighten your story

A clear simple story means it's easier for the board. The more complex your subject, the more important clarity becomes. 
presentation skills training for board meetings
Expert presentation skills training for board meetings training and coaching in London

Better board presentations

How do you start?  How do you build your case? How do you reinforce your case?  All these need careful preparation.
Speaking Coaching - better presenting for board meetings

Prepare your answers

You must answer the board's questions well. That is where your preparation shows though.  You need to be ready for anything.

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Work with the team that won the  Business Excellence Awards 
Best Public Speaking & Presenting Coaching Providers London 2019 

Paul Farrow

As a former parter at PR agency Fishburn Hedges, Paul has extensive experience preparing senior executives for board meetings of all types.

Jane Renton

As a journalist and coach, Jane has prepared hundreds of executives for a very wide range of board meetings

Benjamin Ball

As the founder of BBA, and former corporate financier, Ben has helped hundreds of senior executives make their mark at board meetings.

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Paul Farrow coach for better board meetings
Jane Renton coach for better board meeting presentations
Benjamin Ball coach for better board presentations
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@BenjaminBallA  I honestly thought it was one of the most valuable 3 hours I've spent with anyone in a long time.

Mick May, OBE.
CEO, Blue Sky

@BenjaminBallA Transformed the both the quality of my content and the effectiveness of my delivery. I highly recommend BBA.

Martin Legault
General Manager, National Bank of Canada