The GIIN logoNew York-based Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) are the global champions of impact investing.

The GIIN reduces barriers to impact investment so more investors can allocate capital to help solve the world’s biggest challenges.  Their board includes representatives of organisations including The Ford Foundation, CDC, Tridos and Prudential.


Amy Stillman, The GIIN’s Director of Communications, wanted help to improve the communication skills of her senior management team. Describing what The GIIN does is difficult.  It’s a complex subject and it’s easy for the experts in the management team to get lost in the detail of their great work.



Over the years, we have run coaching programmes for The GIIN senior executives and spokespeople in London, New York and remotely via Video Conference.  They have used these to prepare for specific speeches and launches and to prepare for conference panels.

Our work has included messaging workshops – to identify the best way to describe aspects of The GIIN’s work – as well as 1:1 coaching for senior management.  Our latest project has been to help prepare speaking for their annual conference in Amsterdam.



Our work with The GIIN has made a big difference to how they communicate.  After our most recent project Amy Stillman said:

“Big thanks for all your excellent help on our messaging. Your guidance has been invaluable! . . . So many of your phrases became the soundbites for this initiative.  You can hear them in the webinar and see them on our website. We would  NEVER have gotten here without you.”



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