What colour is your Ferrari? – private equity investor pitches

Elevator pitch?  

Lets give it a new name. Let’s call it a Ferrari pitch.

Why Ferrari pitch? Because its all about first impressions.

Imagine your fund were a red Ferrari – What’s the first impression you give to investors:

Overpaid and a bit flash yes, but amazing performance, great pulling power,  brilliantly engineered and  expensive.

And worth every penny.

BUT, what if your fund were different – what if it was a pink Ferrari?

What would be the impression you give then?  The performance might be exactly the same as Red Ferrari , but the image you put across is very different.

Great pitches and great communications are all about this subtle difference between red and pink.

Between something that looks and sounds just right – and something else that is not right.

A good red Ferrari pitch will stand out because of three things:  Clarity, Relevance and Focus.

1. Clarity – A Red Ferrari Pitch says it like it is. It lays out what you are offering and why it is different and why interesting.

2.  A Red Ferrari Pitch is relevant – It Is completely tailored to your audience.

3.  Most importantly, A Red Ferrari Pitch has focus – complete focus on achieving your objective.  For example, the only point of this short pitch today is to get an investor to say ”that sounds interesting – tell me more’.  It’s like a good chat up line, or a well crafted CV.

So, if you want to get your investment story straight, try to give a 90 second Red Ferrari Pitch.  It will force you to get to the essence of your story.

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