Legal Pitches: How using stories will help you win more business

Why use stories in your legal pitches? Stories appeal to the right-hand side of the brain, bypassing the logical and judgemental left-hand side.  That’s why they are so powerful in pitches.

We make decisions quickly and emotionally, then try to back them up rationally. Using stories in your legal pitches will give you access to that emotional decision-making centre.

As Maya Angelou said, people will forget what you say and do, but they will never forget how you make them feel. Data is hard to remember, but emotions stay with us. That’s why Budweiser’s puppy adoption advert became the most shared of all SuperBowl ads. It tugged unashamedly at people’s heartstrings by telling a powerful story. Facts get forgotten; stories get repeated.

Within the short duration of your legal pitches, stories enable you to form a compelling, emotional connection with your prospective client.

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What stories could you tell about your law firm?

You almost certainly already have stories you could tell about your law firm, but you might not be using them yet. Are you still listing out your accomplishments as bullet points?

Instead, select your firm’s most impressive achievements and change the details from cold facts into unique, memorable stories. For example:

  • The story of a similar client and the comparable legal issue you solved for them.

  • The story of the unexpected problem you uncovered for a client and how it saved them millions of pounds.

  • The story of the company you rescued from prosecution because your firm found a new way to interpret the legislation.

Relive the stories as you tell them. Convey the consequences of the problem your client was having and the impact of your solution. As a result, you will connect with the prospective client on an emotional level.  You’ll also show them that you solve problems like theirs, rather than just telling them you can.

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What’s your story?

If you aren’t sure what stories to use, or how to use them, we can help.

We work with law firms such to help them win legal pitches. Our knowledge of the legal sector combined with our expertise in crafting narratives and coaching for persuasive pitches ensures we deliver fast, effective results.

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