Three ways to improve your investor pitch

We get to improve a lot of investor pitches. These vary from start-ups to major company pitches to pitches for private equity fund managers.

Sometimes, we review up to ten investor pitches a week, so we have developed a good nose for what works with investors – and what doesn’t. Right at the top of our list for transforming investor presentations are three big questions.

1. What’s special about your investment opportunity?

First, you need to articulate what’s different and specific about your investment opportunity. What do I mean by this?

Imagine you have invented an improved mouse trap. What is it about your mouse trap business that makes it special?
• Is it cheaper?
• Does it capture mice unharmed?
• Does it catch more mice?
• Is it more reliable?
• Are you selling a service rather than a product?

All of these may be true, but to explain your idea – and get the investors you want – you need to be clear about the one big idea that makes your pitch special.

For example, recently we helped a large SaaS business that provides services to banks. They save banks money, save time, and are highly scalable. All of these are relevant problems for banks. But we worked out with our client that their service gave a bank a competitive advantage. This was because the service also created a much, much better customer experience. And this was the “killer” difference, not those other benefits.

To transform your pitch, make sure you have uncovered what makes your idea really special. If you have not yet worked out the one brilliant idea underpinning your pitch, speak to our team and ask about our Cracker Programme that will uncover it for you.

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2. Why is your idea right for that investor?

The second big thing to get right is knowing why an investor should be interested. You may think an investor wants to make money. But making money is often not enough. Afterall, there are many ways to make money.

Instead, you want to uncover what else your investor is looking for. What is their risk appetite? How important are ESG concerns to them? Does this investment confer some sort of status by association with other investors? Because every investor is different, there is no single, cookie-cutter approach to this. So you need to run your investor meetings in a way that you can discover what your investor is really looking for. And when you understand your investor’s motivation, you’ll find it much easier to persuade them because you will be talking to their concerns.

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3. Are you hiding behind your PowerPoint?

The third thing to get right is to forget about “giving a PowerPoint presentation”. If you want to start a two, three or five year plus investor relationship, you are not going to achieve that by hiding behind PowerPoint.

Instead, plan for a meeting of minds. Aim to make your investor feel really comfortable with you – make them so comfortable that they want to meet you again, and again, and again! How do you do that? While you are meeting, share stories about your business; discuss what works and what’s still to do; help them better understand you and your plans. Like this, you build trust and understanding. And these are the foundations for any lasting relationship.

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How to improve YOUR investor pitch

If your investor pitch needs improving, polishing or completely transforming, give us a call. We’ll be delighted to share with you some ideas that have worked for other firms, from global market leaders to regional start-ups. We spend every day helping companies create and perfect their investor presentations. We make it easier for them to convince investors, to win investment and to build loyal shareholders. Speak to our client services director Louise Angus today.

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