Ten Commandments for A Great Conference Talk

While every conference talk is different, there are some rules that apply to any talk. These simple rules, can make your conference talk into a great conference talk.

Because ignoring these commandments will lead you into Death by PowerPoint.


1. Thou shalt aim to entertain and inform thy audience

2. Thou shalt not rely on PowerPoint

3. Thou shalt grab thy audience’s attention in the first twenty seconds

4. Thou shalt speak up and put energy into your talk

5. Thou shalt not use long and complex sentences

6. Thou shalt use all the proven rhetorical techniques available to you

7. Thou shalt stick to a few big idea and not get bogged in detail

8. Thou shalt be clear what benefit thy audience will get from thy talk

9. Thou shalt not use the presentation just to plug thy company

10.Thou shalt practice sufficiently to be on top form on the day

Thank you to TED for inspiration


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