Six Simple Public Speaking Tips For Business

It’s easy to talk – in the same way it’s easy to kick a ball. Any of us can do it. But if you want to be good at it: to play football rather than just kick a ball – to speak in public rather than just talk, you need to learn some techniques.

There is good news. It’s much easier to become a good public speaker than become a good footballer. And it’s more likely to be more profitable for you.

Public speaking is a valuable skill

You become more persuasive and you become recognised. Remember: public speaking is not just about big audiences. It could be a team meeting; a company get together or an impromptu vote of thanks. Any of these is your chance to show your skills as a leader.

Improve my public speaking skills

Learn the basics of good public speaking fast

Typically, it takes 2-6 hours to become more compelling and more confident. You’ll find small group or 1:1 coaching most effective.  This means you spend time experimenting to discover your personal style. Once you have learned the basics, it’s then a matter of practice. Many people go away and work on it themselves; some come back to us once or twice a year for a refresher. What are the main things you need to know?

Here are six key tips for better public speaking that we give to our clients:

Six Tips for Better Public Speaking

Public Speaking Tip #1. Purpose

Why are you speaking? What do you want to achieve? These are two essential questions you must answer before writing anything.

Public Speaking Tip #2. Personalise

How can you target what you say at this audience and no other? What will make it relevant and interesting for them?

Public Speaking Tip #3. Prepare

Before committing words to paper, plan your structure, your start and your end. As for visual aids, decide if you really need them. The best talks are written first and then visual aids introduced only if it’s going to help the audience understand. Leaders rarely use PowerPoint.

Public Speaking Tip #4. Pare

Cut, cut, cut. Most people say too much when they speak in public. Generally you are more effective if you say less and say it better.

Public Speaking Tip #5. Perform

Your audience will respond to your energy and your enthusiasm. Just having something good to say is not enough. Show that you care.

Public Speaking Tip #6. Practise

Finally, the best public speakers are those who do more public speaking. It’s a skill you build through repeated practice.

To be a great public speaker takes time and effort. But to be a good public speaker is fast and easy. Most leaders have learned that good public speaking is important for their careers.

Improve my public speaking skills

Let public speaking help your career too

Learn more about our tailored public speaking coaching. Work in a group face-to-face or 1:1 via Zoom With just a few hours of coaching, you can transform your public speaking.  Working via Zoom it’s fast, convenient and effective. Ideal for senior executives.

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Improve my public speaking skills

How to transform your public speaking

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Improve my public speaking skills

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