PRESS RELEASE: Paul Farrow of Fishburn Joins Benjamin Ball Associates as Partner

September 30, 2015 Paul Farrow | Benjamin Ball Associates

London – Paul Farrow, former Managing Director and head of Financial & Professional Services at PR agency Fishburn, has joined Benjamin Ball Associates, the leading financial presentation and media training company, as Partner.

Paul brings to Benjamin Ball Associates his experience from five years at Fishburn, where he led a range of accounts including banks (RBS, Tesco Bank, Mitsubishi UJF and Paragon Group), private equity (Actis and HarbourVest), technology (SWIFT and Multifonds), exchanges (Dubai Mercantile Exchange) and index providers (S&P Dow Jones Indices). He also led the agency’s in-house media training team, where his work included both corporate and consumer accounts, as well as crisis comms.

A former financial journalist and editor at Thomson Reuters (1997­ to 2007), Paul was previously an investment banking equity analyst and salesman in London and Madrid (1990 to 1996).

Ben Ball, founder of Benjamin Ball Associates, said: “After five years of steady growth, our company is ready to expand its offer. We have grown the business by providing world-class training and coaching to world-class companies.  Paul’s wide experience and contacts will help us to achieve our growth ambitions for the business. His initial focus will be on financial services companies and financial PR firms.”

Paul Farrow said: “Benjamin Ball Associates have provided a great service to my clients in the past, so I know that clients see real, measurable improvement in the content and style of their communications, whether for speeches, investor presentations or media interviews.

“Too many companies are spending huge amounts of time and money on planning and strategy, only to fall short on delivery and therefore reduce the impact of their communications. That’s where we can add amazing value.”

Paul and Ben first met in the early 1980s when they were at Oxford University.

For further information call:

Benjamin Ball +44 7808 725 816
Paul Farrow +44 7530 26 99 46


Benjamin Ball Associates

Benjamin Ball Associates offers high-level communications, presentation and media training. They work with FTSE 100 boards, private equity firms and leading financial PR agencies.  Clients include United Utilities, Lidl, Olswang and Permira. Most of the team have 20+ years of experience in finance, communications or journalism. Based in London, the consultants work throughout Europe and the Middle East.


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