6 Easy Ways to Moderate a Panel or Webinar

Moderating a panel soon? If you are a moderator of a panel or a webinar, you want to prepare properly. Panels are excellent marketing opportunities. And they help build your profile.

So that you shine when you moderate a conference panel, we’ve put together some quick tips to prepare like a professional:

How to moderate a panel

  1. Prepare your panel properly

  2. Offer bold ideas as a moderator

  3. Be a performer

  4. Start your panel powerfully

  5. Involve your audience

  6. End your panel with impact

Webinar Panel Moderation Tip #1. It’s how you prepare your panel

While great panel moderation looks effortless, that’s only because the moderator has carefully prepared the panellists. As a moderator you should create great questions (the simpler and bolder the better) and share these with your panellists in advance.

Tell your panellists to prepare stories and examples they can use to illustrate what they say.  It’s much better to have a few strong ideas to talk about than to offer an opinion on everything under the sun. And remember to practice your panel performance.

Start Preparing For Your Panel Moderation

Moderate a Panel Tip #2. Offer bold ideas

A great panel will inform, educate and entertain. While you may think that a webinar is a great opportunity to share your thoughts, in reality your opinions are not very interesting. Much more engaging are the stories you tell, the practical advice you give and the different position you adopt. Avoid saying “I agree” – that phrase kills a discussion.

Start Preparing For Your Panel

Moderate a Panel Tip #3. Be a performer

A panel is not a fireside chat. It’s a piece of entertainment where you need to speak directly to the audience. Use all the skills of public speaking to bring your language to life:

  • short phrases
  • short words
  • long pauses
  • high energy
  • big ideas.

Sit forward in your chair, look at your camera and speak to it as if to a person.

Start Preparing For Your Webinar

Moderate a Panel Tip #4. Start powerfully

As a panel moderator, you set the tone for your panel in the first few seconds. Tell the audience how important this discussion is; remind us how great your panellists are; and give one-line introductions on each panellist (don’t let them introduce themselves).

Make sure your first question is big, bold and unexpected.  For example, I was chairing a panel of investors recently and my first question was “What was the worst fund raising pitch you have ever seen?”  It was a great way to break the ice, for the panellists to tell stories and at the same time both entertain the audience and give practical advice.

If you are introducing yourself on a webinar, make sure you read our tips on doing so memorably.

Prepare a Webinar Tip #5. Involve the audience

If your audience can be part of the conversation they’ll enjoy the experience more. For example, ask them a question early on. Tell them to prepare questions for the experts. And help them ask interesting questions.

Panel Tip #6. End with impact

Audience questions are not the best way to end a webinar.  Instead, as a moderator, finish your panel with something big. For example, you might ask each panellist for a final one-sentence tip.

Or you might end with a summary. And then, as the panel moderator, sum up some highlights before thanking your panellists and telling the audience what a great experience this has been.

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