Pitching to investors – the most common mistakes made by funds

Many funds could be better at pitching to investors.

From our work, helping fund teams pitch and persuade more effectively, we have identified the five most common investment pitching mistakes:



Investor pitch mistake #1 – Not understanding the investor.

Too many people go out with a generic presentation and expect it to work for everyone.

You should personalise for each investor.  For example, their attitude to risk, their history of investing and their mandate will all drive how they listen to you.

By  understanding what matters to that investor you can become very persuasive.



Investor pitch mistake # 2. Over-reliance on PowerPoint.

While written materials are important, an investor pitch meeting is all about the people.

Don’t let your document drive the meeting.

I want to transform my investor pitch


Investor pitch mistake #3.  Too much focus on you.

A good investment pitch is about the investor, not about you.

Let them be the centre of attention. Make it a dialogue.



Investor pitch mistake #4. Not clear enough.

The most persuasive pitches are the simplest.

If you can’t make it easy for the investor then nobody can.

If your pitch is complex, what will your reporting will be like?

I want to transform my investor pitch


Investor pitch mistake #5. Lack of rehearsal.

Rehearsals are for wimps?

Tell that to Tiger Woods, David Beckham, Barack Obama, David Cameron and Richard Branson.

You need to practise for success.



To get a great pitch together is not easy.

For most people, a fresh perspective and a systematic approach to the pitch process is what is needed.

If you want to come across persuasively when pitching, then speak to us.

With coaching and advice you can get avoid mistakes in your next pitch.

Call us today to learn more.


I want to transform my investor pitch


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