Better pitching for professional services

How do you best pitch a professional services firm?

Most professional services firms have problems differentiating themselves.

When all your competitors are also qualified professionals, it is hard to stand out.

Ask any lawyer, banker, actuary or accountant.

Clichéd phrases will not help you.

“A global mindset”, “a niche specialism” or “a client-focused approach” are meaningless to your client.

After all, who would say they aren’t client-focused?

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How should you talk when pitching for professional services?

The answer is to shift the focus of your conversation from you to your client.

It means proving that you care.

You do this by talking less about how great you are, and more about how great the client is.

That means giving up on the sacred credentials presentations and instead showing your expertise by starting to solve your clients’ problems.

For example: What can you say about his or her business?

Can you demonstrate that you have really looked into it, used or bought what they do?

In simple terms, if the prospect is a pub company, have you recently visited one of its pubs and can you prove it?

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Try video in your professional services pitch

Why not build into your presentation a short video clip of the proposed team talking about the client’s product or service, saying what it means to them or their families?

If the client is a chocolate company, you could all say which of its products you like most!

It’s one thing to say you are client-centric in providing your particular professional service, but quite another to show that you care about what that client does.

You can create a powerful short video in a couple of days. That will differentiate you from the crowd and help you stand out in your pitch.

You could even send it to the client in advance of the meeting. Give it a try!

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