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What is the biggest sales pitch mistake?

May 26, 2020

When people pitch they often make one big sales pitch mistake.

We know this because we spend a lot of time helping clients with their sales pitches.

This includes pitching for business from new clients or from existing clients.

The maddening thing is, this pitching mistake is obvious.

What is this obvious sales pitching mistake and why do people make it?

The big mistake is talking about yourself too much.

For example, if I have invited you to pitch for a bit of business, the last thing I want to hear about is your other big clients and the awards you have won.

Instead, I want to hear about me, my problem and what you are going to do to fix it.

Yet, too many people prefer to talk about themselves. We see this pitch-winning mistake over and over.

Poor sales pitches are because people are lazy

Our theory is that poor pitch presentations happen because people are lazy.

When asked to put a new business pitch together people usually start with PowerPoint.

And more often than not they start with the last pitch they did – whether it was successful or not.

This is quick, easy, and you don’t need you to think about your client or their problem.


So, what does a good sales pitch look like?

On the other hand, a good pitch is focused on the client and their issues.

It is highly tailored to the particular situation. It shows a real understanding of the subject and it lays out how to address the things that bother that client.

How do I start running better sales pitches

When you next have to put a pitch together, forget PowerPoint for now.

Instead, pick up the telephone and start talking to the client.  Ask lots and lot of questions.

Get to the heart of what really matters to them.  Only when you are certain you understand all this, should you begin to construct your new business pitch.

Then, make you pitch all about them and their issues.  Show how brilliant you are – don’t tell them.


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