Make Your Financial Presentations Sparkle in Just Three Steps

Create Great Financial Presentations

“It’s just a financial presentation.”
“How can you get people engaged when reporting numbers?”
“It’s really hard to get the board interested.”

These are typical comments we hear from CFOs and financial controllers.

Fortunately, financial reporting presentations can be as lively and interesting as the most punchy marketing presentation.  It just takes a clear structure and a bit of practice.

This simple three step process will help you make your next financial presentation engaging and interesting:

 1.     It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the story behind the numbers

What is the big story?  Is it good news or bad news?  What explains the numbers?  How do they all fit together?  For anyone trained as an accountant this part of the planning process can be challenging.  Your accountancy training makes you very good at producing the right numbers and explaining them.  What it does not do is show you how best to tell the story to a general non-financial audience.  Fortunately this skill can be taught.

 2.     A beginning, a middle and an end

The structure of your presentation is as important as your messages.  Your structure is the framework that makes your communication easy to understand.   Starting clearly and finishing smartly combined with simple well-tested structures for the middle of your presentation will mean your presentation is easy for you and easy for your audience.

 3.     Turn it into a performance

OK, you are not an actor.  But, when giving a presentation you want to give it your best.  A presentation is a different type of communication and needs some carefully choreographed behaviours.  For example, can you guide your audience’s attention to where you want it? Can you use eye contact to connect with those that matter?  Can you use reinforcing techniques to emphasise what you want remembered?  These are all simple tricks that anyone can learn.


If you want to build core skills to give sparking financial presentations, then contact us today.  In just one or two short sessions we can give you exactly what you need to deliver powerful and confident financial presentations.

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