How to be liked – and win more business

We all want to be liked. But did you know that being liked is critical for winning new business?

The Importance of Being Liked

Professor Amy Cuddy, of Harvard Business School was featured in a Harvard Magazine article. She concludes that 80% of our evaluation of people is based on both warmth AND competence.

Many professionals mistakenly aim to show competence when they want to win business – but this is not enough.

Our pitch and presentation coaching helps professionals such as lawyers and investment managers learn how to demonstrate warmth and become more effective in pitches. That is what makes their pitches so successful.  Read more about our professional pitch training.

Better Investor Presentations

Can you really improve investor perceptions just by changing how the senior team tell their company story?  The answer is most definitely yes.  The challenge most management have is that they are too close to the story and have trouble telling it simply. That is where we as outsiders can help.

By asking the simplest of questions (So, how do you make money?) and focusing on the most important factors, we can help create compelling investor stories.

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How to Get More Value out of Conferences

It’s conference season again, and we are helping people prepare compelling presentations.

But what should you be thinking about to get a good return on your conference fee investment?  If you are speaking, make sure your presentation has passed the 10 point check list that we use to test for a well-prepared talk.

Learn about our expert presentation training.

Speed Networking – some tips

Speed networking events are becoming increasingly important for B2B markets.

At the GAIM hedge fund conference, where Benjamin Ball was speaking in June, there was an Investor Speed Networking event every day.

Here hedge funds get 2 minutes to meet an investor and engage.  To help hedge funds pitch successfully at this we produced a set of speed networking tips.

These are equally relevant for other B2B speed networking events.

Being liked to grow revenues

Yet again, we have had some great examples of immediate results from our work.  The most satisfying client was a law firm pitching to retain their largest customer, one of the UK’s largest retailers.

They were not certain about winning this work and only brought us in the day before the pitch.  This was not ideal, but we spent a day with the pitching team re-structuring and re-planning every aspect of their pitch meeting.

Although it was a exhausting  day, everyone felt energised and excited about the pitch.  The next week they found out that not only did they retain the work, but they were given more jobs that they had not expected.

The immediate impact of our expert advice is one of our hallmarks.   Read what our clients have been saying about our work.

How can we help you win business?

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