How to Pitch for New Business

Why should anyone decide to select you when you are pitching for new business off or online? It’s an important question that you need to answer when you are pitching.

It’s the question we help answer in our pitch training programmes.

Win More Business When You Pitch Off or Online

Of course, the main reason for wanting better pitching skills is to increase the number of pitches you win. But the big question is, what do you need to do to achieve this.

We have been coaching teams to win B2B pitches for nearly 15 years and over the years we have discovered a series of common themes that underpin the most successful pitches. Here are a few gems we’ve learned over the years.

Transform your pitching skills

How to successfully pitch for new business online


1. Make the right first impression in your pitch

People buy people. We all make instant decisions – and only later use facts to justify those decisions. This is as true for investment decisions as for buying software or professional services. The good news is that you can improve the first impression you make.

For example, what happens in your first 30 seconds when you meet a potential customer online?

  • Do you have good eye contact?
  • Do you show interest in them?
  • Do you ask the right questions?
  • Have you done enough research?

Can you be sure that you have made the right impression?

Transform your pitching skills

2. Know how you want others to see you

Unless you are clear how you want to be seen by others, it’s a real challenge to get the results you want. But, the simple question: “What impression do you want to make?” is hard to answer. To be good at pitching for business online you should be clear how you want others to see you, and your goals. Once we help you clarify how you want to be seen, we can then polish what you say and how you say it.

Transform your pitching skills

3. Don’t get stuck with PowerPoint pitches

Customers rarely want to be taken through a presentation. The best sales people do not use PowerPoint in a boring way. While PowerPoint may not be going away, you can use it differently. For example, did you know that PowerPoint is a terrible planning tool? There are many more effective ways of structuring and story-boarding your next presentation.

So, with your presentation, you can avoid “turning the pages” in a meeting. You can learn how better to plan, make more impact and, most importantly, make a real positive impression with your potential customers. This means clear confident communications, engaged listeners and much more successful communications.

Transform your pitching skills

4. Pitching in financial presentations

Financial presentation should never be dull. Good financial presentations are all about how well you tell your story. Tell it properly and you connect with your audience – whether it is the board, or your investors or financial commentators.

There are tried and tested techniques you can use to tell powerful financial stories. Our experts help businesses, hedge funds and private equity firms with their results presentations, investor days and fundraising presentations.  Email us to learn how we can help.

Polish your financial presentations

Examples of better pitching for business

From our tailored training you will take away pitching tips that you can apply immediately. One global law firm told us that the partner training we developed was directly responsible for winning a new FTSE100 client.  A quick return on your investment is one of the many benefits of working with us. Read what our clients have been saying.

Improve How You Pitch, Present and Persuade

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