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How to present online with impact: eight essential tips

March 5, 2020

Do you want to make an impact when you present online?

In the last few months, our clients have turned investor meetings into video conferences and now practically live on Zoom.

If you need to:

  • participate in online meetings,

  • present online via Zoom or Teams, or

  • transform your next investor meeting into a video conference…

…then take this advice from the BBA team so that you make an impact when presenting online.

I want to present online with impact

1. Simplify what you say to make an impact online

Even more than usual, when you present on Zoom, you need to be clear and precise.

What you say will be better received if you simplify what you say.

That means using short phrases, bold ideas and more pauses – and simplify your messages so they are easy to understand. And be conversational rather than formal. Speak as if to one person.


2. Make good eye contact

Zoom is very personal. That means you need to look directly at the lens. Put your camera just above your eye line and imagine someone standing in the camera to whom you are talking. Keep eye contact right to the end of each sentence – don’t look away.

I want to look better online

3. Be animated when you present online

Energy and passion look good on camera. Limit your body movements, but show your energy through your voice and enthusiasm. Use your hands to emphasise a point, but not too much.


4. Smile & sparkle to make an impact presenting online

Look like you love what you do. Feel happy so you look happy and comfortable.

A smile and a twinkle in your eye tend to work well on Zoom.

I want to look better online

5. Take care what you wear

Things to avoid: black, white, checks, stripes, tight patterns, big jewellery and anything that might interfere with your mike.


6. Check the detail

Before you go on screen, check whether you have hair out of place, a crooked tie, a smudge on your face. What’s in the background? The camera will accentuate any faults. And make sure you have good sound. A high quality external microphone will make a big difference.

I want to look better online

7. Arrange the lighting

Ideally, you want a light directly in front of you or just to one side ahead of you, and no bright lights behind you.


8. Practise

The best Zoom presenters always rehearse – a lot.

If you are new to this, then get in touch.   Work with a coach to get better.

Your coach will help you refine your eye contact, your body movement, your animation.

Then you will make the impact you want to make.


If you want support to present online with impact, then get in touch.

Our team can support you either face-to-face or remotely via Zoom / Video Conference.

Recently we’ve helped transform a major Capital Markets Day into a video conference.

We have helped hundreds of people new to Zoom to get the most from their online presentations.


I want to look better online


About Benjamin Ball Associates

Benjamin Ball Associates Team

Benjamin Ball Associates helps clients to communicate better.

Over the years the BBA team has coached thousands of senior executives globally to present powerfully. You get access to a transformational toolbox of techniques to help you become a clear, confident communicator.

We’ll help you create a powerful first impression that hooks and engages your audience immediately and we’ll transform you to deliver clearly, confidently and with impact.

Speak to Louise on +44 20 7018 0922 or email to find out more and discuss your upcoming speech or presentation.


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