How To Look Good On a Conference Panel

Do you look good on a conference panel?

When they work well, conference panels are the lifeblood of any conference.  When bad, they are a disaster.

But what makes a great conference panel ?

At BBA we prepare a lot of people so they look good on conference panel sessions.  Currently we are coaching panellists and panel moderators via Zoom.

The real value comes from good planning.

But, if you are heading for a conference panel now and want to ensure a performance that will make you look good and stand out, check that you do these three things:

  1. Focus only on what really matters to this audience and give lots of practical advice.  Tell stories and give examples.
  2. Create a debate.  Disagree. Have an opinion and argue your corner.  Use lines that are quotable.
  3. Sit forward, speak up and talk directly to the audience.  Show your passion; make sure every word and every phrase hits home.


Just remember – like all other forms of communication, it takes practice to be a great on a conference panel.


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